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group one is doing their train session as mix of capture the flag and paintball with groups of four. the aim is for every member to get to the other side of the forest first, hindering the other groups as they go along. groups do not have to work together but the winning team will only win once all of it members are on the other side.

- teams -

team a; maggie // blaze, dax // calamity, tate // flame & xander // nitro.
team b; becky // kitsune, bree // magnic , micah // spark & logan // ice.
team c; hunter // inferno, jamie // maverick, karlie // shock & emery // zelda.

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Wrote 4 years ago
he walked out from the trees into her line of sight, knowing that i'd be better if he didn't avoid it - she'd probably end up finding him. to be completely honest he didn't want to end up set on fire. "sorry, mags. it was an accident, i promise." he held he his hand out in a sign of peace, he didn't mean to hit her, she was on his team after all.

Wrote 4 years ago
now brightly colored in purple and red, maggie let out a string of curse words getting louder and louder as she recited every curse she had learned since she discovered bad words thanks to her old babysitter. "hey, whoever's there better come out or i'll find you, and i think everyone knows that that would be bad." she could feel her hand heat up as she said this. with a clenched fish she tried to calm herself, she couldn't be setting anyone on fire, especially someone on her team.

Wrote 4 years ago
{ it's fine ]
xande had already moved on from the clearing. so far he hadn't seen anyonce since they went into forest, but knowing some of the people on their team, he wouldn't be surprised if they had. hearing a snap of a twig an the trees rustle, he fired a few paintballs in the direction he heard the sound coming from, a snap reaction. he moved closer to where the noise came from, seeing a flash of blonde hair he frowned - he must have heard maggie.

Wrote 4 years ago
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reaching the other side of the clearing, maggie exhaled and clutched the paintball gun tighter to her chest. after a moment of rest she slowly crept along, now the gun was hanging at her side. even though it helped, it sort of felt foreign in her hand. the blonde was used to her own power protecting her, not a machine. if it came to it she would use it without a second guess but until then she would keep it at her side that way her hand was free and she could try to summon some fire at least.


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