I really enjoyed that episode, but i think it's not one of the best. Caroline's transformation was impressive and it was so funny when she went talk to Damon! Ohh, I got really mad when Bonnie tried to kill him! Wasn't his fault, it was Katherine! Talking about her, reminds me that she didn't appear in this episode, she's mean but I like to see her. Well, less work for Nina = ) The werewolfs were the most amazing thing in this episode. Mason seems to be a nice guy, after all. The stone that Tyler got just let me more curious about the next episode. I saw the promos and apparently we'll see how a werewolf looks like in Vampire Diaries. It's pretty funny that no one can make a vampire serie today without including werewolfs (yeah I know that Vampire Diaries was written before Twilight, but Stephenie don't seem like the type of woman who reads teenage's books...and True Blood I don't know when it was written but i read the first book and I really recomend.) Damon and Jeremy acting like brothers it was so cool, Damon really looked like brother, although I still think he had some "brother moment" in the first season. To end it, i just wanna say that Elena totally messed up Stefan's human moment, she could told him that other hour, can't she?! hahahha
Loved? Hated? Well, tell me !
(Sorry about any grammatical error)

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