The Bravery Mix

Third scene:
You are a Gryffindor running underneath the sun with your band of mischief makers. They're all Muggles, but that doesn't matter. They have a car for road trips. As you drive across the country, you yearn for the sweet smell of dewy mornings and campfire filled nights. You get both as you spend the summer away from Hogwarts, yet still wish to be back home. Good thing the car can't tell, so it drives you anyway.
This is the playlist you choose.
*other soundtracks*
The Loyalty Mix: A Hufflepuff's Soundtrack~
The Wit Mix: A Ravenclaw's Soundtrack~
*coming soon*
The Cunning Mix: A Slytherin's Soundtrack


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@katester-1xcx Thank you!

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Ah! what can i say, this is fabulous! stunning collection! ;)

Wrote two years ago
@sarahhammerstrom Thank you! I was thinking about it, honestly. I may do just that :). Thanks!

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awesome! i think it could be great if you maybe did a photo collection with disney inspiration? just a thought :) love your collections

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So sweet!

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good good cc;

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+ Students at Hogwarts
@hayden-akasha Flourish & Blotts doesn't stock enough books for this witch!
@denisa-georgiana Holy hippogriffs, this witch is the coolest chick in all of Hogwarts.
@silentrose Hogwarts, Hogwarts, hoggy, warty Hogwarts, you don't need to teach her anything, because she knows it all!
@thelittlewhitebird Come seek us where our voices sound, this little bird has flown off the ground. An hour long you'll have to look, to recover what she took.

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+ Students at Hogwarts
@hopeless-wanderer20016 The mightyest of Gryffindors and the biggest supporter of Elfish Welfare.
@tamia-ishmell Honeydukes doesn't have enough sugar quills to compare to the sweetness of this lovely witch.
@acciomyheart4u She'll put a spell on you, because now you're hers.
@nanda-colus The only thing warmer is a tall mug of butterbeer on a pinchy winter's day. @fashiondummie She can sew you the most intricate of ballgowns for the Yule Ball; better than most House Elves, in fact.


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