Break the rules a bit!

for you dear ladies!
In the design world, there can be a lot of different rules about where to put what and how to make whatever. There are different styles that you can design within that may or may not have more rules than another. Break the rules a bit and create something you wouldn’t normally see. Blend different styles and forms and come up with designs that need their own category. Breaking the rules is really about being a trendsetter and creating a bit that people wouldn’t normally consider. Don’t go too nuts or try to reinvent the wheel, but use subtle differences that could mean the difference between one style and another. Taking the time to cultivate this technique could really end up being a part of your signature style.


Wrote two years ago
Fabulous collection Lena, thanks for including mine x

Wrote two years ago
Ha! The Fab 5...I like that! This is one pretty awesome collection Lena. Gonna be a blast to try all these on for size. Looking forward to some more breaking of rules :)

Wrote two years ago
Oh My Lena....this is a sweet collection, man o man. April is a wonderful month eh! cant wait to try these out along with the other greats we have, thanks! And welcome to the fab 5

Wrote two years ago
Fab finds Lena! Fringed Converse... who knew?!


  • slim-thick
  • shidatja
  • elisedawnvancraken
  • dance76326
  • hana-tanana
  • ketp
  • no-where-girl
  • maja-k
  • asia-12
  • rinas-boutique
  • merlothues
  • anfernee-131
  • erika-prove
  • chicbahar
  • jaclinartfan180
  • ragnh-mjos
  • gorgeous-and-chic
  • ian-giw
  • natasha-read
  • shortyluv718
  • stardustnf
  • ozlem-ozcanb
  • joumana-diab-taha
  • jadore-nakit
  • jessirosecx
  • girlieques
  • hastypudding
  • simplydevilish
  • gritstyle
  • nadidi
  • julsw
  • hamaly
  • andyts
  • alwayspolished
  • neszkara
  • hibiscuslove
  • sneky
  • anasvetlucavoinstyle
  • nika-brel
  • yvelazquezt
  • armband
  • aals2
  • thea-troja
  • jamkz
  • aliceinwonderland2000
  • holyanna
  • korolaina
  • marinadusanic
  • eminem-839
  • nicolesynth
  • fashionfoggy
  • moringamorro
  • ivanova-sashaiv
  • tinuviela
  • loveroses123
  • cherrylicious
  • nattmaki
  • riquee
  • secinaresa
  • charmedbyfashion
  • sushi-nips
  • jacknthebeansdog
  • lovemydog81
  • zoey-likes-muffins
  • lali22
  • beet-1
  • love133love
  • ashlee-stephenson
  • aprimmdesign
  • dancerinthemist
  • repchamp
  • gigi-bella
  • alves-nogueira

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