3. The Korean guy you’d like to take to a concert with you 

I was tagged by @kokafor934 in her silver set http://www.polyvore.com/all_man_that_need/set?id=72865830 
Thank you for the tag!! I've been waited for someone to tag me for this one :D

• Make a set which is themed with the color you were tagged with
• Of course, it HAS to be Kpop. This is the most important rule
• In description, write about the person who tagged you, like you're opinion on them, I would like to know what you think of me ^^
• Tag others and tag them with a color that you think matches them.
• Enter to this contest -http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/contest.show?id=388561 

She tagged me with 2 colours, green or purple, I'll choose purple this time!
I love purple, so I'm really happy I was tagged with this colour ^^ To me, purple is not a cold or warm colour, it's like it between (don't know if it makes sense) 
I did a set for the 20 Korean Guys challenge, it's been a long time since I did one ^^
So yeah, Taeyang is the one I want to go with me to a concert :)

@kokafor934 I think you're super nice!
You always make kind comments and always do the tags cheerfully. It's cool to see people like that, it makes remember why I love being on Polyvore so much.
Also you're set are always inspiring, I just love your layouts. Each I see one of your set I'm like “Wow~” I like to see how different they are from mine and think that someday I will maybe try this kind of layout (even though I don't think I'll nail it like you)
Lastly, I'll say that you've become part of my favorite Polyfriends because of your kindness and your unique style that I love so much ♥ 

Now I tag:
@raphaellakay with red
@dinoburger with blue
@never-look-away with hot pink
@nevena898 with light pink
@aliicia21 with green

You don't have do it if you don't wan't to :)
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