I recently just watched Breakfast At Tiffany's (I know, it took that long for me to actually watch it, sue me) and I absolutely adored it o.o I need to start calling everybody darling from now on and really, it's what Freddie always says anyway so I should really be calling everybody darling :D So if you comment and I reply, I'll call you darling from now on. Also, I really must start talking like the olden times people. They just sound so classy and their voices are rich in dignity. I would love to talk the way they talked. I simply adored the whole wardrobe in the old days too. Everybody dressed with so much class and they really dressed up for certain events. I bet the only time anyone ever dresses up in their life is during prom or their wedding but that's that. How about during the old days where they'd really REALLY dress up just to go out to dinner? I envy the time when everyone did then and how nobody was judged for doing so. Now, if you dress up extremely, people will most likely hold you up and steal from you or talk about some crap about you or whatever. I wish fashion could be just as classy today as it was then :( AND I NEED TO COLLECT ALL TRENCH COATS IN ALL COLORS. I live in a tropical country now but when I grow up, I'm moving to New York or San Francisco or London and I'll be wearing different colored trench coats every day :D OH AND I LOVE YOU ALL, DARLINGS :) Now, I shall tag some absolutely darling darlings :) 




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So lovely!!! This has to be my absolute favorite set you've ever created! (: it helps a lot that it has a picture of Audrey in it, but the outfit is simply stunning on its own too. Love it!

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this is such a perfect set!! great job:)

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love it !

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Love this set very much!

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Perfect ensemble!

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so beautiful!!!!

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oh my gosh! to die for!

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so classy! gorgeous

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so beautiful!!!! love that movie and audrey was fabulous in it! perfect style, very classy and elegant! love this (;

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Perfect, elegant, sweet, chic! Your sets are more and more charming each and every time! Keep it going, dear!

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! REALLY LOVE IT!! IT´S PERFECT!! SOOOO ELEGANT!!
And, of course, love this film!! it´s a very beautiful film <3 and sooo cute and lovely
thank you so much for the tag! i love you tag me :)

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this set is so lovely!
i love breakfast at tiffany's, it's a wonderful movie and i want to be audrey hepburn *sigh*.

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I love trench coats :)) this looks awesome honey !! =) ♥

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Oh, and if this set doesn't become a Top Set too, then I guess we'll just have to go back in time, get a real life Audrey Hepburn autograph on it, then come back, print it out and then give it, after a few months of negotiations, to the Louvre. Because it's beauty requires to be shared with humanity :)
And then we can just rub it in on Polyvore's cybernetic face!

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AUDREY HEPBURN!!!!!! This set is entirely worthy of her, it's so beautiful, simple and elegant! <3
And Breakfast at Tiffany's has been on my to watch list for literally months!!! It's really sad that I haven't seen it yet, but since you said all of these lovely things, I really need to make some time!!! I just wish I could sit down for a month and watch all the classics, it'd be so great :)
And I do dress up quite a bit, because I have to sing in a fair amount of weddings :D But it's only for an hour or two :(
And please move to London, then I can go visit every now and again!!! ;D
You're the darlingest darling of the entire darling panoply of darlings :) Did I sound classy and full of dignity? :33

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Cool. ;)

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