Breast Cancer Awareness Contest!

October is the breast cancer awareness month. Make a set promoting the importance of the self –examination... Prevention is the key.

Breast has a mixture of feelings for women:

• In puberty we embrace their appearance with wonder and great emotion.
• In our younger years they are a symbol of sensuality and a ‘weapon’ to attract attention.
• As we become mothers, breast transforms into an important part our bodies to connect with our children; they ‘rise’ to a ‘new level’.

At some point in life, we take breast for granted. Self examination is very important in women’s health.

I’m particularly interest in the MEN'S POINT OF VIEW, so guys don’t get intimidated: PARTICIPATE! Encourage the women in your life to prevent. Talk to your wives, lovers, sisters, mothers and daughters persuade them to self exam.

Use your creativity and ingenuity to promote SELF EXAMINATION. ART & FASHION sets are WELCOME. Use HUMOR if you want. Well delivered messages can safe a life or two :)

Use at least ONE of this Items:

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