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Piper Hale, 27
OCCUPATION: Film director, script writer
ORIGIN: London, United Kingdom
MODEL: Hilary Rhoda

BIO: Piper's family was known for their artistic contributions to the media industry and it was obvious that the youngest Hale would soon follow in their footsteps. Her father is popularly known for his work in the video game industry and her mother was a costume designer for films and television shows. Piper's older brother is an artist who has traveled the globe to show cases his paintings and sculptures. Piper had a wonderful imagination when growing up, leading her to experiment with painting, textiles, novel writing and even animation, of all things. But what stood out to Piper the most was film and movies. Unlike most girls her age, she didn't want to be in front of the camera and acting, she wanted to be the one filming and directing. In high school, when she had the chance she would create short films for her projects and would even take the occasional photography class when it was being offered. Piper was always willing to learn new skills to improve on her knowledge and she is still determined and hard-working. After high school, she went to university and studied film, and during her studies she had an internship involving film editing. Piper wanted to make sure that nobody had any reason to say, "You got there because of your name or family." She wanted to prove, mostly to herself, that she could do it alone. Her first film directing job was when she was 24 and even though she never doubted her abilities, she hadn't imagined it to be such a success. Three years later, Piper Hale's popularity is growing and her films have been success after success. Though, late last year she hit a bump in the road, when her grand-mother fell ill. Piper went back to London to visit and took a few months of work, knowing that she wouldn't have much time left with her loved one. Piper has her bad days and her good days, she strives to make her grand-mother proud who is no longer with the family. She works harder than ever, prepared to re-claim her spot as one of the top female directors. Though, according to her fans, it's like she never left. 

LIKES: Classic films, spending time with her family, expressing her creativity, socialising, having new ideas, high fashion, sweet tea, Marc Jacobs perfume, sunglasses, healthy eating, film festivals, live music performances, traveling, summer, tattoos
DISLIKES: bad hair days, snobs, heart breaks, gossip, rumors, people who think they can walk over her, cigarettes, fast-food, coffee, writers block, stereotypes, liars, late flights

RANK: B-Lister 
CLIQUE: The Beauty Queens
TAKEN BY: @sarahstardom

Lucas Hale, 49 (father)
Occupation: video game designer
Model: Jeremy Renner

Melanie Hale, 48 (mother)
Occupation: costume designer
Model: Amanda Peet

Lincoln Hale, 29 (brother)
Occupation: artist
Model: Aaron Tveit

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