top set for july twentieth ❤️ thanks you so much polyvore and everyone for the nice comments!


☽ ; quote from set
☽ ; july nineteenth, two thousand and sixteen


i love how the quote is spelt wrong. like great job, did you drop out of high school?

lots of drama rn with my best friend and her crush. i'm involved unfortunately. apparently guys are needy. they can't stick to liking one girl at a time. everyone is saying he's been flirting with me. i guess i'm oblivious bc i thought we were all just hanging out... *upside down emoji*


this set is for a battle group. i kinda sucked this round lol.

- inspirate yourself from that set ✔️
- keep one piece of the outfit (the top or the jeans) and choose the other one ✔️ {top}
- change one color of the color scheme ✔️ {changed blue to pink}
- keep at least 5 fillers of the original set ✔️ {kindle, phone, hair clips, foundation, naked pallet}
- put the hashtag #dvsnbg in the description and in the actual set ✔️ 
- put something that makes you think about your team in your set ✔️ {star dust quote}
- tag me and your teammates ✔️
1. tia @dont-go-to-sleep
2. sam @same-sunset
3. sophia @navyvein
4. anna @annamari-a
5. nicole @blonde-scorpio-xo
6. kenzie @half-dust
7. amanda @social-casualtea
8. gabriella @rattle-the-stars
9. hajer @neptnue
10. skye @moon-gxdess
11. angelin @randomn3ss
12. daniela @frizzypop
13. claudia @kristen-gregory-sexy-sports-babe
14. nadia @/hhuricane
15. maheroo @maheroo
16. inas @inasbaza
17. jamie @universed
- enter your set to the contest ✔️

- put a flower edit in your set (example: like those i added in the set) 2 points ✔️ {pink flower}
- add something in silk (could be a top, skirt, bra, or a filler... as you want!) 3 points
- put one (or more) of the pics of this set in yours 1 point for each
- use those boots 2 points
- add a coat or a cardigan to the set (i didnt put any in the original but that would be great if you'd do that maybe but that's not very a major credit) 1 point
- list your 10 favorite poly accounts below 5 points ✔️
@dancegirl5501 @endlxss-dreamz @tumbling-through-tumblr @jewell-e @iced-lemons @txdal-waves @orchid-fire @prettylittlemaddy @d0ntblink @awakened-paradise
total: 7

nicole ♡


☽ ; group 
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☽ ; hashtags #Hipster #trend #trendreport #Trendy #teen #girly #girl #dressy #dressin #white #simpleoutfit #simple #chic #blackandwhite #aesthetic #summerdate #summerstyle #summersandals #summer2016 #summeroutdoordining #summer #summerbrights #summerbbq #summerfashion #summeroutfit #beach #colorful #ootd #Pink 
☽ ; tags @polyvore @polyvore-editorial @nanarachell
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