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catching up on my tags! killing two with one! thanks @astridx(ps honeymoon croon is one o my favorite bauhaus songs!) and @also-known-as!
potion from @astridx and bracelet from @also-known-as....and now this
1. spell your name without vowels – lks
2. what colour do you wear most - if black doesnt count, then blue i spose
3. can you dance - i might be a lover but i aint no dancer
4. do you believe there is life on other planets - i want to
5. do you believe in magic - usually
6. do you like roller coasters - quite
7. have you ever been on a plane - so much it's not fun anymore
8. what radio stations do you listen to - um, NPR
9. what was the last thing you bought - groceries! like a lady
10. what was the last thing on tv you watched – that 70s show
11. who was the last person you took a picture of - my best friend with a stupid dog
12. what is your current hair colour - from black to white and the whole spectrum between
13. currently wearing - purple flannel and lacy undies
14. your eye colour - honey 
15. short or long hair - growing

ummmmm i tag but ONLY IF YOU WANT! @ghoulnextdoor
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