catching up on my tags! killing two with one! thanks @astridx(ps honeymoon croon is one o my favorite bauhaus songs!) and @also-known-as!
potion from @astridx and bracelet from @also-known-as....and now this
1. spell your name without vowels – lks
2. what colour do you wear most - if black doesnt count, then blue i spose
3. can you dance - i might be a lover but i aint no dancer
4. do you believe there is life on other planets - i want to
5. do you believe in magic - usually
6. do you like roller coasters - quite
7. have you ever been on a plane - so much it's not fun anymore
8. what radio stations do you listen to - um, NPR
9. what was the last thing you bought - groceries! like a lady
10. what was the last thing on tv you watched – that 70s show
11. who was the last person you took a picture of - my best friend with a stupid dog
12. what is your current hair colour - from black to white and the whole spectrum between
13. currently wearing - purple flannel and lacy undies
14. your eye colour - honey 
15. short or long hair - growing

ummmmm i tag but ONLY IF YOU WANT! @ghoulnextdoor

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three comments

Wrote 5 years ago
love this set!

Wrote 5 years ago

Wrote 5 years ago
yay fog! I'll gladly take this challenge!



Follow your instinct

Follow your instinct

We don't follow rules, we know what's happening and what's in fashion, but we are vanguards, we are the next "it" and create with our own personality.
So you should follow your instincts and do what you want to.
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Struggling Good Night Monkey

Struggling Good Night Monkey

this group is for girls who don't make distinctions between the general free spirit categories---bohemian, hippie, hipster, space cadet, grunge. we use it all to our liking.

Alternative Fashion

Alternative Fashion

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you taste like glitter mixed with rock and roll

you taste like glitter mixed with rock and roll

† Dark, gothic glam, grunge, rocker, egdy, rebellious, punk, fashion statments. †
† Just anything you think is different from all the mainstream †

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