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A tryout for TWA @istylista and @chanel-and-pastels. 

Name: Camille Jade Rozier
Age: 20
From: Reims, France
Job: Chamber Maid 
Personality: shy, romantic, intelligent, surprising, polite
Bio: At the age of six, Camille and her parents left her beautiful hometown in France to live in New York. Her father was a a successful business man ho worked around the clock while her mother took care for their little daughter. Always good at languages and pretty outgoing, Camille learned to love New York after a short time, though France will always be in her heart. The family lived on the Upper East Side in one of the most luxurious buildings in New York. Little Camille had everything a girl could wish for: loving parents, dolls en masse, a wonderful room and the possibility to try on her mother's designer clothes whenever she wanted to. But then there was 9/11. Monsieur and Madame Rozier came back from the celebration of their 20 years marriage anniversary and they sat in one of the planes which hit the World Trade Center. Both of the died. Camille, now 10 years old, was lucky if you want to call it like that: She, the little princess, had refused to go and was in a tennis camp instead. But after her father's death it turned out that he didn't have any money. Camille was alone now and her whole life changed in an instant. Since she didn't have and relatives, she got taken into a children's home. From that day on, she barely said a word and got quieter and quieter, stuck in the past. She could still attend school, of course not her old private one and studied a lot. The other kids who thought the girl with the big blue eyes was strange started to play tricks on her. At the age of 16, Camille secretly searched a job. From the, she worked at the Waldorf Astoria during the night and early mornings while she also worked for school to keep up her excellent grades. Instead of going to university, she left the children's home at the 18 and rent a little flat. She kept on working for the Waldorf Astoria the whole day. Camille's big plan is to save her money so she can go back to France and try to find some relatives because she feels so alone in the world. Her second big dream is finding the one, true love like she thinks her parents did find in each other. She may seem like a little girl who loves to dress in pastels and always carries around a Jane Austen novel. But don't you dare trying to take something away from her. Beware, she knows how to defend herself. All of the pain she went through made her a little cold when interacting with other people. Some even say she's sniffy, but really, Camille just knows what she wants... and what not.
Model: Gemma Ward (I know she's not that underused, but she's gorgeous and has this fee face I was looking for)

 My day started early in the morning, as always. I threw on my uniform and slipped into some cute ballet flats which I'd found on a flea market. Then I put my hair into a ponytail and left my flat. 
I used the entrance on the back of the elegant building and started my work immediately. I tried to work a lot more than the others, but still perfect. Maybe there would be the chance of rising the hierarchy and that would mean more money which was equal with less time in New York. I loved the city, it's energy and it's attitude, but I didn't want to stay here my whole life. And since my life wasn't a movie, there would be no French prince to pick me up and take me away, so I had to take of my destiny on my own.

"Camille, don't you just stand around and dream!" 
I turned around and noticed my boss behind me. Great.
"You're not paid for dreaming and looking like a model", she mumbled. I guess I wasn't allowed to hear it, so I just went on with the beds. I opened the next room's door. On my plan it said it was free, so I didn't bother knocking on the door and just entered it. What I wouldn't have thought was that there was a man inside, looking under the bed.

"Oh, excuse me, Mister! I didn't want to distract you. I will come back later if that is alright with you."
I wanted to leave the room, but he jumped up on his feet, looking ashamed on his own. He was very handsome, tall and sporty from what I could see under his Thomas Pink shirt which he had combined with jeans. His hair was a bit messy while his eyes had this special expression, like he could laugh every moment but will always take a you serious. Plus, he wasn't that older than me, maybe between 22 and 24.

"No, it's my fault, Miss. I already checked out, but then I noticed that I forgot something in here, stupid me", eh joked clumsily. "Don't worry, I won't tell to anyone."

"Thank you, Mister. I hope you found the thing you lost? Otherwise, I could help you", I offered and took another step into the room.

"Well, I'm looking for a ring. You know, I bought it for a special person, but now I can't find it anywhere which is a shame. Maybe four eyes could really see more than one, thanks."
I placed the basket with the laundry on the floor and joined him. 

"What does the ring look like?", I wanted to know.

"Well, it's inside of a Tiffany's box. And the ring itself is a yellow diamond."

"The woman who will receive it will be very lucky", I meant, opening the closet.

"Oh yes, and she deserves something special", he smiled warmly. 

"Did you check the bathroom yet?", I asked and walked over to it. He shook his head and followed me.
"May I?", I said pointing towards his bath rob. After his nod, I checked the pocket of it.

"Here it is!", I exclaimed holding up the little blue boy with the white bow wrapped around it. I handed it over to him and he opened it. The ring was still inside, glittering in the light. It was beautiful.

"I don't know why I put it there, but you must be a genius! Thank you, Miss...", he raised his eyebrows in confusion.

"Miss Rozier. It was a pleasure for me", I answered politely. "I'm sure your fiancée will like this ring." With this words, I hurried out of the room.

Reasons why I should be in TWA:
Because, and for me this is so important, I already love my character. No matte what, I'd love to write for her and to go on with the story in an instant. I know that she's capable of developing into a round character with a special story. I'm not sure what else to say other than that. Oh, and I'm active;)
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