Based on the Bretons of the Elder Scrolls games. The following are thoughts and headcanons I have. Inferences. Not anything that's been stated by any direct sources.
- How a Breton dresses depends a lot on their social class. The old blood Bretons who are the descendants of the first rebels against Direnni rule dress almost indistinguishably from the Altmer, though modern Altmer would consider their looks quaint and poorly thought out. Knights, and people aspiring at knighthood dress in extremely ostentatious styles. To them, there's no such thing as over-accessorizing, though that applies more towards those who gained their titles through mercantile prowess, than through martial feats. Peasants of High Rock wear rough clothes with natural motifs. The nobility may feel safe in their castles, but your average Breton has as many deals with the Earth Bones as any Bosmer could dream of.
- The Bretons use Celtic knot-like imagery to symbolize the Eight Divines, with particular attention paid to Akatosh and Arkay, whose eternal, infinite domains are connected with the looping, never ending knots.
- If a Breton's wearing clothes, remember to ask yourself "why aren't they naked?" because that is a legitimate question you should be asking, and if they're naked, then there's no questions to be asked about it, because it's lovely to give your love a kiss on the nose, but lovelier still to do it without wearing any clothes.

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