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I have been tagged by @dmatilyn
So here it is :)
1. Who is your hero or idol?
Any one who has ever fought in a war or battle. Literal or un literal 
2. Favorite book?
The Book Thief 
Still not done with it
3. Who is your favorite youtuber?
Joey Graceffa :>
4. What is your favorite albumn? 
A Rush Of Blood To The Head by Coldplay
5. My favorite artist or band?
Florence + The Machine
6. Describe your personality in 7 words or less.
Creative. Weird. Serious. Calm. Lovely. Vintage. Uncrapless ;P
7. Do you have a secret obsession? What is it?
Not really... Oh a Joey Graceffa obsession only my sister knows about :)
8) What do you do in your free time?
Write. Polyvore. Watch Movies. Listen to music. Daydream. And sometimes I read.
9) Describe your favorite animal without saying it's name.
It's colorful and can fly. It gets nectar from its long beak. They're very small. And they're the cutest things ever. They're name has humming in it but I don't think they him at all.
(It's a hummingbird) 
10. What is your fatale flaw?
Um... I don't know... Maybe it's always over thinking and swearing when I'm REALLY angry.

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