"Hey everyone we have a special guest tonight", Andrew Goldstein of Friday Night Boys said moving a piece of his sweaty fringe from his face, taking a sip of his water. "And maybe if we beg enough, and smile very sweetly we can get him to leave his date and come sing us a song", he added in, looking in our direction. 

"I'm pretty sure he's talking about you", I said poking Chris' side as he smiled down at me. 

"God damnit I think your right", he said smirking, kissing my forehead, I love when he does that. Its like he's putting his stamp on me, like hes saying I'm his.

"So everyone one say please to Christofer Drew", he said clapping his hands as every head turned towards me and Chris.

"Go do it, I'll be right here", I said kissing him softly, trying to ignore the girls staring at my boyfriend, hehe I love saying that. MY BOYFRIEND.

"You're coming with me", he said smirking kissing me again and tugging on my hand, dragging me on stage. "Hi guys", he said in his happy tone, looking around the club, waving like a happy little boy. It was amazing, he was so adorable. "Well I'm kind of on a date, this is my date", he said pulling me infront of him, resting his hands on my shoulders. "Skylar say hi to everyone", he said looking down at me. 

I couldn't help, but elbow him gently. "Hi everyone", I said waving, bringing my hand back down to my side, only to feel Chris' fingers lace through mine. He looked me in the eyes and smiled.

"Now this is my date so I'm going to sing to my date", he said smiling down at me. Was my blush really that obvious? 

One of the roadies handed him an acoustic guitar. Slipping it over his shoulder he looked at me, smiling brightly almost flirtingly. "This is an older song, but here is Shesgotstyle", he said letting go of my hand softly, signaling me to sit in a stool that had also been brough on the stage. I bit my lip, sitting down and looking over at him, his eyes never straied from mine.

"If it's not those cowboy boots in the summer
Oh my God I pray for another 
Chance to drive down back highways
'Till I stumble across your beautiful face 
Your presence isn't what kills me
It's that artistic gleam
That's taking over my scenery 
Dream by dream

You might think I'm incapable 
Of loving a soul like yours
You might think I'm a fool
For you

'Cause girl you got style
And that's what I love about you
The way that you sit back
Oh how you sit back 
And watch this grow
You got dreams 
And therefore I believe in you
All the small town people with their big remarks
They ain't got jack to say about my movie star", it was right around here when the crowd kicked in, singing with him. It was right here when I unintentionaly zoned out, just looking at him. This is his element, where he truely showed his passion and his love. His music was his life, and I understood that. But part of me wanted to be in his life, and hoped that he wanted the same thing.

The song ended and Chris' arms were back around my waist, pulling me closer to him. He hugged me tightly, ignoring the girls screaming they loved him. He just leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. Its not like it was our first kiss, but it felt like it was. Like our first very public kiss. "I know that song was written about another girl", he whispered taking my hands leading me off stage, out into the back alley for some privacy. "But I really feel that way with you, I really like you Skylar", he whispered pressing my back against the wall, leanning over me. His hand reach up and brushed back a lock of my hair.

"I really like you too", I whispered running my fingers over his cheek, loving the way he looked at me. 

"I know we've been calling each other boy friend and girl friend but offically...will you be mine?", he asked smirking, a faint blush on his pale cheeks.

I bit my lip, nodding. "I'd love to be", I whispered, letting his lips collide with mine, pulling me back into my fantasy. My fairytale. my chance.

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