Brimming With Roses Cake
  • Presenting Love Cake
    This ribbon-wrapped cake is easy to achieve using the Fondant Ribbon Cutter and Embosser Set. Interchangeable wheels and spacers fit onto the handle to cut and emboss perfectly matched strips!
  • The Berry Basket Cake
    What could look fresher than a berry-topped cake decorated with intertwined basketweave and rope borders? This intricate look will impress every guest, but the technique is easy to master with a little practice.
  • Confections for Every Taste and Budget
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  • Shop-A-Matic -- Wedding Cakes -- Chocolate Homestyle Cake
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  • Hearts Galore Cake
    Decorated with candy hearts on top and heart sprinkles on the sides, our Heart Tasty-Fill pan bakes a cake you fill with a valentine surprise — whipped cream, mousse, icing! The indentations are baked right into your cake layers so each cake slice shows the heart-shaped design.