A home decor collage from August 2014

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  • Bodum Bistro Italian Dinner Gadget Set Individual Pieces
    Prepare a delicious spaghetti and pizza dinner with the Bodum Bistro Italian Dinner Gadget Set. Set includes: 1 x pasta server 1 x hand grater 1 x peeler 1 x pizza wheel 1 x garlic press ; Silicone and stainless construction. Bright, bold colors add cheer to the kitchen. Comfortable soft-grip handles. Top rack dishwasher safe. Imported. Measurements: ; Weight: 1 lb 14 oz
  • Trudeau™ StressLess® Pizza Cutter
    The ergonomic and lightweight pizza cutter is designed to make cutting pizza as easy as possible. The handle features a finger guard and allows for lowering of fingers to reduce tension and create more leverage. The soft, non-slip pads on the handle are comfortable and secure, and the removable stainless steel blade cleans up easily in the dishwasher. To use, hold the pizza cutter over the blade to minimize the effort. To clean, hold the pizza cutter upside down on a flat surface and apply pressure until wheel is removed. Both the handle and the blade are dishwasher safe.
  • WMF Profi Plus Mega Wheel Pizza Cutter, Stainless Steel
    WMF Profi Plus Mega Wheel Pizza Cutter, Stainless Steel Heavy, sturdy tool for cutting pizza, fudge, lasagne, and other foods. Contemporary European style. Made of 18/10 stainless steel. Beautifully balanced; polished head; satin-finish handle; hanging loop. Seamless, hygienic, dishwasher-safe.
  • Pizza Cutter
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    Slice pizza just like they do in a pizzeria when you're armed with a CHEFS Pizza Cutter. This professionally designed pizza wheel is super sharp, so it can power through thick or thin crusts with ease. Use it to cut perfectly proportioned, uniform slices of your favorite pizza, whether it’s a deep-dish Chicago pie or a thin-crusted New York style pizza. It's sharp enough to cut through the entire crust, and it leaves a precise edge with your pie's toppings intact for a more pleasing presentation. For added convenience, this pizza cutter is equipped with a beveled slicing edge for cutting baguette breads, calzones and panini. A protective blade guard keeps hands and fingers away from the cutting wheel to reduce accidents during use. The pizza cutter has rounded easy-grip handles for firm control, and it's dishwasher safe, so cleanup is simple and fast. A hanging loop at its end makes storage easy, and the fingerprint-resistant stainless steel handle has a matte finish to enhance its durability. Best Used For: Slicing homemade or store-bought pizzas is simple and easy with the CHEFS Pizza Cutter, but this tool comes in handy for cutting other foods. Use it for slicing homemade noodles and pasta or homemade quesadillas, flatbreads and naans. Features: Sharp wheel for cutting through foods easily. Nonreactive even when cutting through acidic ingredients. Stainless steel handle for durability and long service life. Cuts even slices for professional-looking presentation. Blade guard minimizes accidents. Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher safe. Origin: China.
  • Gadgets Pizza Wheel
    This Calphalon Gadgets Pizza Wheel evenly cuts through dough and toppings to give you perfectly formed slices of pizza every time. No matter how much sauce, cheese, vegetables and meat you pile on to a thick--or thin--crust pizza, this handy tool is up to the challenge. This cooking gadget is also a time-saver at breakfast--use it to cut toast and waffles. It can also be used to quickly and cleanly slice any number of of other baked items, like a chocolate-chip cookie cake or a pan of brownies. All the best pizza wheels have a sharp blade and make clean cuts--what makes this cooking gadget unique is the extra-soft control zone in the grip. The arched nylon handle gives you the best possible leverage when you cut, and there's an additional layer right where you place your thumb for guidance. The stainless-steel wheel on this cooking gadget won't stick to most foods, which helps ensure a clean, consistent cut. It's dishwasher safe and easy to store. The imported Calphalon pizza wheel comes with a lifetime warranty. Features: Curved nylon handle. Comfort control zone. Stainless steel wheel. Dishwasher safe. Includes lifetime warranty. Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher Safe. Material: Stainless Steel/Nylon. Origin: China. Warranty: Lifetime.
  • OXO Good Grips Clean Cut Pizza Wheel
    For the perfect pizza party, use the OXO Good Grips Clean Cut Pizza Wheel. This hand-held pizza slicer provides leverage and control for easy slicing and the 4" stainless steel wheel easily cuts through thin- or thick-crust pizza. The soft, comfortable, non-slip grip will make portioning out slices for everyone a breeze. The handle comes apart and blade removes for easy cleaning, and the blade guard snaps on to protect the blade and hands for storage. The Pizza Wheel is dishwasher safe. Imported. Dimensions: Measures 5.875" wide by 1.25" long by 6.5" tall/deep. Care Instructions : Dishwasher Safe.
  • Orange Tools & Gadgets Pizza Wheel
    Use the Rachael Ray Tools & Gadgets Pizza Wheel to quickly slice your signature pepperoni, onion and olive pizza into individual servings after it comes out of the oven. The stainless steel blade cuts cleanly through crispy crusts, and the hand guard protects fingers from contact with the sharp blade of the wheel. We love the fat, substantial handle that allows you to get a good, solid grip for rolling and cutting, and the wide handle base that allows this cutter to stand upright to keep melted cheese and pizza sauce off the counter. This versatile wheel takes on several tasks, including cutting pasta squares for homemade ravioli, pastry squares for apple turnovers and dough triangles for buttery croissants. After use, this pizza wheel is quickly and easily cleaned in the dishwasher, and the bold, colorful handle makes it easy to find in the utensil drawer for the next cutting task. Best Used For: When you're not slicing up your favorite New York-style pizza, use this pizza wheel to cut strips of rolled pastry for lattice-top pies, or cut pita or other flat breads into bite-size pieces for dipping. Features: Stainless steel construction for strength and durability. Thick nylon handle provides a comfortable grip. Wide base of handle stands wheel upright to hold messy blade off counter. Hand guard for safety. Dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleanup. Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher Safe. Material: Nylon/Stainless Steel. Origin: China. Warranty: Quality Assurance Guarantee.
  • Microplane® Pizza Cutter
    With a generous 1½"of clearance, this cutter easily glides through even the thickest of crusts. Great for dividing pizza, foccacia, sandwiches, pastries, and more. Features non-slip, soft-grip handle for safe, comfortable cutting. Removable stainless steel blade cleans up easily in the dishwasher. 4"-diameter cutting wheel; 6½" total length. Blade made in the USA. Assembled in Mexico.
  • Rachael Ray Tools Pizza Wheel
    Rachael Ray Tools Pizza Wheel DESIGN The colorful handle is specially designed with a wide, sturdy base allowing it to stand up on its own to keep your counter clean; Slicing pizza has never been easier; Even use it for cutting pastry dough. Comfort comfortable and practical, this handle is easy to grip (caution: handle may melt if rested on the side of a hot pan). DISHWASHER SAFE Dishwasher safe for convenience.
  • OXO SteeL Pizza Wheel
    OXO SteeL Pizza Wheel Durable, sharp stainless steel blade for cutting pizza, pie crust, and pastry dough. Perfect for modern kitchens with Brushed stainless steel handle. Soft grip areas built into handle for slip resistance. Thumb guard for added safety. Dishwasher safe.
  • Black Good Grips Pizza Wheel
    Whether you prefer a classic thin-crust pepperoni pie or a deep-dish barbecued chicken pizza, this OXO Black Good Grips Pizza Wheel makes serving up perfect slices of your favorite party food easy. The stainless steel wheel slices through thick toppings and crispy crusts with ease, and it holds up well to frequent use without retaining odors or flavors. A slight angle in the head lets you maneuver the wheel into place to account for thick or thin crusts and different topping textures, so you can cut extra-large slices of a loaded combination pizza for hungry guests just as easily as you can slice a kid-sized piece of plain cheese pizza for the littlest member of your family. The soft handle cushions your fingers as you cut and distributes pressure to ensure hand and wrist comfort. A flanged thumb guard protects your fingers while you cut, and ridges on the handle ensure a good grip when your hands are slippery. A small hole at the end of the handle lets you store the pizza wheel on a hanging hook next to your pizza peel and serving spatula. This pizza wheel can be cleaned in the dishwasher after you're done using it. Features: Stainless steel construction gives this pizza wheel long-lasting durability and strength. Cushioned grip reduces hand strain as you sliceThumb guard protects your hand during use Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher Safe. Dimensions: 4.25x1.5x10.5-in. Material: Stainless Steel. Origin: China.
  • Eva Solo Pizza Cutter
    Effortlessly slice up your pizza with this Pizza Cutter from Eva Solo. With a hole that allows it to be hung up when it's not in use, this pizza cutter has a blade that easily slices through thin Italian and deep pan pizzas. Crafted from 100% stainless steel, this pizza cutter makes the perfect addition to your kitchen.Key features: * Material: 100% stainless steel * Diameter: 12cm * Sleek pizza cutter * Large blade easily cuts through all pizzas * Features a hole to hang it up when not in use * Highly polished and glossy * Dishwasher proof