We're taking a little ride over to San Francisco. Spend the day shopping on Union Square, then meet up with everyone for drinks & dancing at Harry Denton's Starlight Room. Don't worry about overdoing it - we've got the penthouse to Sir Francis Drake reserved.
I laughed and fell back into the booth with Ivy, spilling a little of my drink. 
"I'm so thirsty." I laughed at myself. I reached over and picked up Ivy's drink since mine was empty.
"Okay, that's enough." She laughed, taking it from me. I pouted.
"Seriously, you're so drunk." 
"I'm so not." I said, slurring a little. I stood up to get another drink and stumbled. "Okay, maybe a little." 
"A lot." She said as Nate walked over.
"Nate!!" I squealed and threw my hands around him, kissing him on the lips. 
"Whoa, calm down." He laughed.
"She's drunk." Ivy said to him. He nodded.
"Yeah, i noticed. Come on, let's sit." He said and pushed me into the booth before sitting down himself. Ivy said her goodbye's and walked away, leaving us alone. I moved so i was sitting on Nate's lap. I moved around, trying to get comfortable. Nate let out a small groan and i laughed.
"Oh, does this turn you on?" I asked. 
"Do you actually need me to answer that?" I said. 
"Come on, lets go." I said, getting up. Nate followed me up to my room and i closed the door behind us. I pushed him onto the bed and leaned in to kiss him. His hands moved to my dress, pulling it up to my hips and slipping off my underwear. He shifted so that he was on top of me and i pullled off his jeans and boxers. He reached to get a condom and i closed my eyes, getting tired.
"Eloise?" I faintly heard him say before i fell asleep.
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