Bring Out Your Inner Artist

Art & Expression Sets ONLY! I saw some amazing art set the last contest so don't be afraid to re-enter thoes sets again! (those of you know who I'm talking to) NO LIMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so lets see if we can get over 400 SETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so lets say if we get over 400 sets I'll be happy BUT if we get over 450 sets (that HAVE to be art and expression) I'll give every member 10 favs! deal? and I'll make this contest 2 weeks so we can get many new and old entries so... ENTER ENTER ENTER! :D ~mystery number of winner(s)~

Created by thehalf-bloodprincess394. Created in ♥JR CELSKI & APOLO OHNO ♥. 432 sets from 21 members. Ended 5 years ago.