The Reaping Day is only a few days away, but that doesn't mean life stops to wait for. Take us through a normal day for you in your hometown. 
{HAPPY LATE 15TH BIRTHDAY TO MY LOVELY @dear-wanderlust ! Love you Eleanor!}

How do I begin to explain a normal day in District 5? It's like, full of electricity and stuff. Lots of wires and circuits and bulbs. 

Well, usually I get up, cook a little bit of bread on a small pan and search around town for a little bit of water. I like to buy bread since it isn't very expensive and it lasts long. But, it's sort of hard to find, lots of smuggling going around.

After feeding myself and my brothers, I go to school. We have a few classes, mainly about the Games, and math and writing. Sometimes, if we're lucky, the teachers tell us strategies on surviving and good tactics incase on of us gets chosen. I find it very interesting.

When the other kids go out to lunch or recess, I sit and knit. Most kids don't have lots of food at lunch, but we still need a break from our classes. I like knitting because I can usually use all different sorts of materials like twigs and grass, or yarns and plastic sticks. The plastic is harder to find and more expensive, but works well.

I don't usually sit with the girls or boys at school since they usually tease me about my mother. It's really frustrating. Even though she's gone, I still feel like I should stick up for her, even if she didn't for me. But there are a few girls that are nice to me and we knit together sometimes. We chat about new knitting stuff and shoes we like in the small thrift-like shops.

After school, kids my age go home to do school work and do chores around the house. The houses in District 5 aren't as lovely as the Capitol, but they aren't as shabby as the ones in District 12. People say that they were like something called cottages. What is a cottage? We have a few dictionaries to look it up, but they're only for the adults who don't usually share their readings, unless they're teachers.

After chores, I eat dinner like most others, usually watery soup and get ready for bed. Our beds are more like small cots with one thick blanket and a small pillow. It's not that bad, but the cots get older for everyone and the Capitol won't replace them.

People go to sleep, but it's always very bright and luminous. It makes it a little hard to sleep. On Reaping Day, everyone gathers in our District center with baskets of flower petals. We throw them around to cheer on our District, hoping it brings the contenders luck. We don't have lots of plants, but a small group of people plants them once a year for the Reaping Day. It's really lovely. We would throw light bulbs, but they are expensive to make and we can't afford that right now.

That's a typical day in District 5. There are strings of lights which I love in my room. There's lights in everyone's room. It's sort of sad to think that two teenagers will have to leave life at District 5 behind. It's so lovely here, even though we don't have lots of food, we aren't starving as much. It's sort of a good balance.
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