The British Boys Challenge

The British Boys Challenge
Moderated by peacock-xx and ruh-dias.
I was inspired by @peacock-xx with her challenge The Brit Chicks (, so, I decided to create The British Boys Challenge!
You can replace some of the guys of the list below, no problems with that!
1. Rupert Grint
2. Robert Pattinson
3. Orlando Bloom
4. David Bowie
5. Gerard Butler
6. Daniel Craig
7. Henry Cavill
8. Ben Barnes (fomerly Daniel Day Lewis)
9. Andrew Garfield
10. Ralph Fiennes
11. Colin Firth
12. Tom Hardy
13. Nicholas Hoult
14. Jude Law
15. James McAvoy
16. Alex Pettyfer
17. James and Oliver Phelps
18. Daniel Radcliffe
19. Eddie Remayne
20. Clive Owen
21. Michael Fassbender
22. Jim Sturgess
23. David Beckham
24. Christian Bale
25. Tom Felton
26. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
27. Ed Westwick
28. Hugh Grant
29. Matthew Lewis
30. Prince Harry
Another options (if you want to replace somebody):
Hugh Laurie
Tom Hiddleston
Jason Statham
Ewan McGregor
When you finished the challenge, send me a message! Many kisses for all you, @ruhpattinsonleto
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