The Brit Pack: Talented British Musicians
#2: Bobby Long

Bobby Long is a British singer-songwriter from the UK, in Wigan. His actual name is “Robert Thomas Long.” After moving to London in 2005, he attended to London Metropolitan University, gaining a degree in sound and media for film. At first he performed at regular gigs on this circuit along with Sam Bradley, Marcus Foster and Robert Pattinson. But his career took a large leap when Bobby and Marcus co-wrote the song “Let Me Sign” in which Rob performed in the first Twilight movie. This is actually when his career took off. 
Long recorded a 10-song collection for his self-released album Dirty Pond Songs and “Left to Lie” became an iTunes favourite, as a result he embarked on a “Left to Lie” tour in Europe, during early 2010 and started to record his first studio album with producer Liam Watson. From his Dangerous Summer 2009 tour, he released a collection of live performances. His song, “My Darling Belle” from that collection went to no.1 on the iTunes singer-song-writer charts. 
It was announced in April 2010 that Long got signed to ATO Records, the label which was co-founded by musician Dave Mathews. His debt album recording is due to be released in early 2011. 
Check out his music: - Left to Lie - Who have you’ve been loving 
I had to include Bobby Long in British Musicians, he was actually my initial inspiration of the Brit Pack. Soon as I heard his voice, I think my heart meltedXD. 
I love his voice, it’s very husky but also very expressive, when you hear it, it’s has some sort of emotion on how he sings his lyrics, such a beautiful voice. Here’s someone who can write music lyrics! This is exactly the type of music I’d like to hear on the radio! Damn Robert Pattinson and his talented musician friends. 
"Like going to New York," says Long, "going there and playing shows and selling out venues is just, it was wicked. I love playing there. If someone had shot me on stage, I would have been happy and died." He is officially my favourite musician, right now. My favourite song from his Dirty Pond Songs is Left to Lie, ah I could listen to it all day. I think it actually helps me to write stories *grins* XD. 
Well...this outfit is very “Alexa Chung” I think...quite Goth-vintage? I love the Miss Selgfridge dress, I would wear it along with that MulberryXD. I quite like how those photo edits I done turned outXD.


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Isn't he similar to Jackson Rathbone? hahahhahahhaha GORGEOUUUS set!!!!!

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great set and outfit. it reminds me of something alexa chung would wear. :)

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GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO sexy♥, I've never heard of Bobby Long, WOW he seems really big in the music industry, I wonder how iv never heard of him, his songs are really nyce!!!!!! luv themm:)))))
Luv that Miss selfridge dress tooo n ohhhh that camera vintage pentant!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THose picz of him are soooo cooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is really stunning n SO ROCKZZ, an great addition to the Brit Pack!!!!!!!♥
Take care lots of hugs n kisses

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