The Brit Pack: British Musicians. 
#13: Keaton Henson. 

Keaton Henson is 23-year-old singer songwriter from London, UK. Keaton Henson is a new musician, I found out about him on XFM on Marianne Hobbs show. So what I can gather from internet sources, he is not only a talented musician but also a talented graphic design illustrator. He suffers from severe panic attacks, but nonetheless has found his own quavering voice in a series of haunting songs that are officially in his 2012 debut album called ‘Dear...’ 
His graphic illustrations has been featured in Front Magazine. 
According to Marianne Hobbs, she said that Henson wrote a song for a special person and because of that, his friends convinced him into being a musician. 

I really really love Keaton Henson’s music. I think it’s absolutely beautiful, so beautiful and heart-warming. One of his songs from his album, titled ‘You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are’ is a really amazing song and is one of my favourites of this year. I think I love this song more than One Night Only’s Chemistry. 
From listening to the lyrics, I think the song is about someone who he loved very much who he isn’t with anymore. He’s asking her if this new man knows her more than he did, know who she is and with the lyrics ‘You don’t like to be touched, let alone kissed.’ I think it’s saying this girl has a tough past, that’s why she doesn’t like to be touched/kissed and only Henson knows the reason why and is asking if this new man knows that too. I love the last line of the lyrics ‘Does his love make your head spin.’ I think it’s quite a sad song because from my perspective it sounds like he’s still in love with her but she’s in love to someone else and that’s what the song is about. 
Anyhow, this is what I think. 

The music video is really poignant and meaningful, I love it. I don’t usually cry on soothing songs, usually books do. But this song particularly makes me want to :’)

You don’t know how lucky you are: 
Give this song a listen :) if you do, I’d to hear what you think :)

Small Hands: 

Sarah Mirror: 


I am glad to discovered Keaton Henson’s music. I hope he’s going to be big like Ed Sheeran :) because I think he deserves the right recognition. 
I am going as a Fairy Angel at Freshers tomorrow. I shall be bringing my Harry Potter wand. 
I know two sets in a day...but I wanted to publish this :)
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