`inner ninja` - Classified ft Olly Murs ♡

hey everyone,

HARRY'S BIRTHDAYY ♡ happy birthday hubby ♡

♡ inspired by jenna // @tigerqueenie - this isn't half as good as your sets but i hope you like it

♡ no set yesterday so i'm going to fill you in.

school ;
double geography - teacher is off due to wife going into labour so we had no lessons and hung around the study. i helped this guy with his work and then listened to music with my best friend.
break - boring
volunteering - banter with the kids and singing in welsh. as usual, hilarious.
welsh bacc - finished work so got let out early, again hung around the study
lunch & free period - hung around the study, consisted of random conversations, playful shoving, flappy bird and banter / abuse. the norm.

after school ;
went to a house party & sleepover. there were 4 guys there and 6 girls. The night consisted of drinking, drama, tears, spilled alcohol, arguments, make-out sessions [ we set this guy and my friend's cousin up together ] , confessions of love and arguments. hmm eventful indeed.

today ;
Lack of energy due to deprivation of sleep / slight hangover. I then proceeded to go grocery shopping with my mum before coming home.

♡ i'm now gonna attempt some homework or revision, watch more PLL or a movie and maybe read a little

have a lovely weekend
- chlo♡

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