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♡ Okay so remember that fanfiction that I told you about in my last set? I read it again because it hasn't left my mind since. And I felt every emotion I felt reading it the first time, even though I already knew what was happening. I cried AGAIN. Sh/t, man. That thing is a suic/de mission. Re-reading it again for a third time probably today. 

♡ Summer school started today. I wasn't really worried about it because I'm taking 2 art classes to prep me for AP Art, but I hate waking up at 6 am. Today I'm thinking of finishing these other art pieces if I have the time. My summer schedule is full of creating; working on art & also myself and I love it.

♡ I learned the rhythm guitar parts for thIS FANTASTIC SONG. It's easier that way because I only have an acoustic guitar. Once I get an electric guitar I'll be able to play the lead parts too. I think I'm getting better. I used to only play by chords but now I'm playing with tabs and its so rewarding.

♡ On a darker note, I've been purposefully avoiding my friends. Well I've been avoiding them because I feel like I can't really connect with them anymore. Their sense of humor and fun is too immature and mundane for me. I hate saying this, but I wish I had other friends. Spontaneous, adventurous, funny, intelligent, weird friends. Realizing that I don't have a best friend and that I'm no one's favorite person made me sad. I went to hang out with all of them last week but I just knew I didn't matter there. My internet friends & music connect and relate to me better than my real life friends ever have.

If you read all this comment your OTP. 

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