Was tagged by LJHomesteader (thank you!) a while back to make a list of things that are triggering/upsetting from abuse memories.
In no particular order they would be-
*Staircases of any kind, climbing stairs- One thing i learned was that, as a child, you were never faster than a 6 foot+ abuser running up the stairs behind you.
*Hands grabbing through the backs of open stairs.
*Tall men that are about 6 feet tall- especially with very short wives.
*Men with hairy arms or hands (I know that not all of these men are bad, this is just a trigger from how my main abuser looked)
*People talking with their mouths full, noisy eating or drinking of liquid.
*Nudity, sexual topics
*Failing, failing others
*Friendships(made a set on this a while back)
*Chest freezers- being put in one.

Well, that's not all, but these are some of the main triggers that i can think of right now. I don't know who in the survivor groups that hasn't been tagged yet, so i'll just re-tag LJHomesteader since you were saying that you were wanting to make another trigger tag set.:)
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