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An Original short story by me- @psylocke18
She loved him so much 
Like he was the only thing that could make her happy
She knew this was the real thing
She believed every little thing he said like he could never lie
She thought he was happy
Things seem to never have an ending
Then the day she thought all her dreams would come true came
But it just broke the smile in her face
He was going to propose 
They were going to be engaged
So she wore her beautiful Red dress
Fixed her hair perfectly
Sprayed her favorite perfume and waited on their special place
Time soon started to pass, she still wouldn't have a clue
He never came
He never will
She wasn't his happiness
She wasn't his dream
How would she accept this nightmare
Every night while asleep she screams
He never cared about her feelings
He loved her only in her dreams
Love is such a painful terrible thing
Look at what it's done to this beautiful girl
She is just a lost soul in the wind
Every year on the same day she would wear her Red dress and wait for him
Hoping he'd remember and everything will just be the same
@polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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