Earth smoke/Fumitory- To attract quick financial gain, make into a tea and sprinkle around and rub on shoe soles.
Fumatory - Earth Smoke (Fumaria officinalis).

Propagation: By seed, self-sows freely.

Nature of Plant: low, sprawly plant with weak stems and finely divided leaves; whole plant has a grayish, blue-green, hazy appearance which has been likened to smoke coming out of the ground; flowers in pinkish spikes, rosy purple at top; a wonderfully soft edging but far too fine to conceal an artificial boundary.

Spacing of Mature Plants: 9 inches.

Cultural Requirements: Dry, light, sandy soil, grows best in full sun.


Whole Herb: (Medicinal) Laxative, tonic, blood purifier, smoked like tobacco for head disorders.

Flower: Infusion for dyspepsia; (Household) yellow dye for wool from flowers.

Preparation and Dosage: A tea is made by adding 2 - 3 g of the dry herb to a cup of boiling water. For bile disorders, a cupful is drunk before every meal.
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