"Brunch has always seemed vastly overrated to me. You?" I ask.

"I like it, actually." Riley smiles, her blue eyes shimmering. "Not all the frou-frou stuff, but it's nice sometimes." 

"Not for me." I shrug, grinning. I actually like her, a lot. I figure if Jack's going to chase her (despite all his gentleman crap about not going for a taken woman, like i said, he's pretty P-R-E-D-I-C-T-A-B-L-E), I might as well get to know her. 

She and Grace may be the only Populars i still like. Elin, despite our previous ties, has definitely changed. Not to mention Mya Whoknowswhat of snap judgements. The rest are pretty forgetable.

Even the one hosting this brunch. 

Anyways, we take our seats. 

And the populars down the table promptly start talking about a game of spin the bottle they'd be partaking in later. 


I look around for someone to talk to, not counting on finding anyone. 

"Hey, Rosie."

I turn. It's Ashley. 

"Oh, hey, Ashley." I give her a small smile. "Enjoying the festivities."

"Not particularly."

"Aha. Me neither. Like the new look, by the way."

"Ah. Thanks." 

I nod solidly, and we look around together. I notice she doesn't look like she feels awkward, something that's usually obvious in her character.

I wonder if i look awkward.

Do I?


Well, then, that's enough philosophical chatter for the day.

I sit back and try to enjoy the party.

Fat chance.
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