It's brunch time, mes amours!!!! We're leaving in a few minutes to dine at one of our favorite, adorable and delicious local spots, Cafe Lola. If you didn't gather from my last Cafe Lola post, I am head over heels for this place-- it is so lovely there and it's the perfect way to start a beautiful Sunday. I couldn't be more excited for that same delicious iced cappuccino that I had last time-- and instead of the omelet, which was delish, I think I'll go with the french toast this time, as I almost ate all of Jordan's when he ordered it.

Cafe Lola, although laid back and relaxed, in all of its cuteness, stylishness and French-ness does make me want to dress the part. I am slightly into fur these days... preferably faux (seriously-- not just saying that), and a large, billowy top would be ideal since I will be consuming a portion of French toast the size of my head! (ew). Pair this combo with an Alexander Wang silk skirt, some embellished platform booties and a chic wrap bracelet--- viola!

Now, my friends, it is time to eat! au revoir !

x x

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