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So classes started yesterday and I’m already swamped with work :( But I really wanna make this semester just as good, if not better than last semester which means my poly time will be cut down considerably. However to the mods of the roleplays I am currently in ( @roses-are-roses @jolieenrose @sofastudios ) I will keep up because I made a commitment to you and others in that group. 

On the other hand, so far I’m really enjoying my classes but the nostalgia will probably wear off in a day or two, next week at the most. But oh well! 73 school days left in the semester! But who’s counting ;)


So, I wanted to publish this set yesterday but I was busier than expected so I am today. Who watched the Golden Globes and was underwhelmed by the fashion, at least the women’s fashion? A lot of nude and metallic colors were used but even the horrible choices weren’t that bad. It feels like everyone was attempting to do their own form of minimalism and only some of them pulled it off with the right elegance and grace. Below are my opinions on best/worst dressed men and women.

Marion Cotillard - absolutely beautiful. This woman can do no wrong in my eye. Everything she wears is stunning.

Julianne Moore - her black and white gown were elegant and while I didn’t quite care for her hair I thought she looked lovely.

Emily Blunt - this is how Lawrence should have dressed. Loved the dress. Loved the hair. Loved the makeup. 

Michelle Dockery - Like Cotillard she always manages to pull of seemingly effortless, beautiful looks. One of my favorite from the night. She is absolutely gorgeous.

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler - no, they’re not the same person but they both looked stunning. I adored Poehler’s women’s tuxedo.

Amanda Seyfried - I absolutely adore her as a person so I might be a bit biased here but I thought she looked darling. Maybe if the dress was a different color it would’ve enhanced the experience but she was lovely.

Anne Hathaway - ♥ is all I have to say about that. She is one of the one’s who pulled the minimalist look off flawlessly.


Jessica Chastain - that color made her look paler than she already is and I didn’t care for her hair or makeup either. They didn’t match the dress.

Jennifer Lawrence - what was with the puffy thing on her chest area? The color was pretty but I could have done without the belt and I also think it would have been more flattering if it hugged her body more.

Alyssa Milano - ugh, everything from the color of her dress to the way it fit her was absolutely mortifying. Just terrible.

Sarah Hyland - no no no! Her hair looked like hair a beach bimbo would have. I cannot stand when girls do that thing to their hair that makes it poufy at the top. Just no. and her dress… I didn't care for it at all.

Halle Berry - it looked like she pulled her dress out of one of those trashy prom dress magazines I got in the mail junior/senior year. Terrible.

Lea Michele - can we say too much bronzer? I’m over her overtly sexy ways. Just done. Plus I didn’t care for her hair with that dress.


Now I’m not a big men’s fashion person but there were a few who I would like to point out who looked absolutely lovely <3


Hugh Jackman - need I say more? He cannot look bad in a tux. That’s it.

Eddie Redmayne - no doubt there @luxecouture right?!

Daniel Craig - He look incredible


Quentin Tarantino - talk about a not-so-hot mess

Jeremy Irons - whaaat was going on?


In my opinion these people take the cake for best/worst

BEST DRESSED FEMALE - Michelle Dockery

BEST DRESSED MALE - Hugh Jackman (with Eddie and Daniel close for second)


WORST DRESS MALE - Quentin Tarantino 


Now, lemme talk about the awards for a quick second.

YEAH! LES MIS WON! AND ANNE WON AND HUGH JACKMAN WON! <3 that made up for the fact that Argo beat Lincoln out for best drama film. Just no. I mean Argo was good but when compared to Lincoln it cannot hold a candle to it! And it beat out Spielberg and John Williams?!??!? I’m not worried, there is no way anything but Lincoln is sweeping the Oscars. No way. Though, I was very happy Daniel Day-Lewis won best actor. Thank goodness! Okay, I also feel like Leonardo DiCaprio should have won for best supporting actor. People overlook him all the time. It’s about time he had an award for his amazing work. Also, Marion Cotillard should have won for her performance for drama actress not Jessica Chastain. Zero Dark Thirty is incredibly overrated. In my opinion, it’s a glorified movie about how America can do whatever it wants to get what it wants. And finally, Michelle Dockery should have won for actress in a drama series as well as Downton Abbey for TV Drama. I’m sorry but Homeland is overrated. It just is. 


So that’s it! I’ll try to come on every day and like/comment on others’ sets but I can’t promise to make sets as often. 

Have a lovely week!

xx, Hannah Steele
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