Francesca Kyler {20}
"I'm picture perfect."
From: Illinois, United States
Likes: Rain, books, ballet, being perfect, thin, lemon candy, and clothing.
Bio: Try to say one bad thing about Francesca. Trust me, you can't. She's perfect in every way imaginable. 
From her custom Chanel heels, to her impeccably styled hair. With the smirk on her face, she can crumble the competition like crackers. Beware of this girl, she's not afraid to stomp you to pieces. Long ago, Francesca struggled with anorexia, and felt like nothing. Nothing but an overweight loser. So she starved herself, sending her self-confidence to the ground. Over time though, without anyone's help, Francesca overcame this block in the road, and came out a strong, gorgeous, perfect girl. A little too exceptionally perfect, hm? While she was 
struggling with anorexia, she came to the ballet studio and forgot everything going on in her life. She just danced her heart out, and impressed the staff who worked there. She only took a few ballet lessons as a child, but the staff convinced her to attend their classes. So Francesca joined, loving every minute of it. After years of practice, and going hard on herself, she came out unbelievably talented and ready to join Red Phoenix. So she did. Moving
 out to New York, and trying out. Francesca of course made it in, and is ready to do anything for the title, Black Swan. Though this girl may seem flawless, and harsh, she really isn't. Francesca in fact cannot take criticism, and hates when she fails. Because truthfully, she's still a bit insecure, and is searching for self confidence. Francesca though loves some
 things. Such as after it rains, the smell is one of her loves. Or reading books, and drinking tea. Francesca is truthfully a fragile girl, but believe me, she's not afraid of competition.
Looks: Heather Marks (?)

Top 5 Choices:
1. Francesca
1. Francesca
1. Francesca!!!! (I really love Francesca, I can play her perfectly!)
2. Jocelyn
3. Aurora
4. Effie
5. FRANCESCA!! (I'm sorry but I just had to add her again!)

Living: The Gold Park. 

Why I Want To Be in This Roleplay: I really love the intriguing part of this roleplay, it'll keep me hooked and coming back for more. I feel like I truly portray this character...perfectly (speaking in Cesca's voice) and this is something new and different. Very exciting. I want to be apart of something this big. 

☠ Give us the basic understanding of yourself.
I'm Francesca, but you can call me Cesca (Chess-kuh). I've had a pretty troublesome past but I raised myself (practically) and have become a better person. I'm comfortable in my own skin, more than comfortable maybe, and I won't let anyone ever tell me otherwise. I believe in myself and I work hard. Don't think I'm perfect because I was "born that way". I worked hard to get to where I'm standing today. I believe in persistence, close-trustworthy friendships and people who will bring out the best in me. I don't think I have any bad qualities except that I can't take criticism. Oh, and I want perfection in everything I do..which isn't really bad...
☠ What is your history in ballet?
Taking only a few classes of ballet as child, left me wanting more! I trained myself, put all my effort and worked my way to being a ballerina. I moved out of the comfort of my Chicago, Illinois home and moved to the uber-competitive streets of New York, where I continue perfecting my ballet skills. I just wish I had done more as a child so I could grow better in ballet, but where I am took all my devotion and I'm proud. My ballet teacher was very cruel and never tried to push or challenge myself. That's why I decided to go further and I push my self even harder.
☠ Why should you be the next Black Swan?
I should be the next Black Swan...because I /am/ the Black Swan, already. I don't mean to sound like a snob or stuck-up. But I grew up with the mantra "If you want it, believe it, and you /are/ it." I can't possibly want to be the Black Swan if I don't think I am one first. I think I represent everything that Black Swan Queen stands for, perfectly. Black Swan title is my highest priority and nothing comes in the way of it, even the rain. 
☠ How do you get along with other people?
I like to consider myself as nice person. I rarely get mad, angry or frustrated with others. I make friends really fast but somehow they never prove to be trustworthy enough for me. I may have high expectations of my friends, but I have places to go, things to do...and I need to put /that/ first. My goal is to make and keep more friends, though. I seem to get along with the opposite gender though, a little better but I don't have much time for guys. They seem to have tons of time for me, though. With girls, it's easy for me to spark conversations but people seem to get easily tired of my conversations - I normally talk too much or too little about the things I love. Which is why I try to mold my conversations to appeal to people, that's one thing I hate. Other than, I love when people never get tired of me talking, on and on. About anything that interests me.
☠ If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be, and why?
Unpredictable - I am ever-changing, ever-learning and always trying to change up my routine. But you can't change my thinking. I consider myself to be perfect so you when you're perfect, you are fixed and have a perfect goal. I do, but I like to switch things around. I hate routine.
Loyal - I won't let you down. When I believe in something/one I put all my 100% effort in it. I am committed and devoted. I tend to go the extra mile, overboard, but it gets the message across.
Improved - I'm not the same girl as I was as a teen, and I proud of my caterpillar-like way to evolve into something pretty, like a butterfly.
☠ What is your family life like, and who are they?
I grew up with my Dad, which means I raised myself. My dad is Theodore (Teddy) Kyler and my mother was Louisa Mack Kyler. Mother passed away before I could call her "Mom". I lived with my Aunt (Jordanna) for a few years, who was a drunk. None of my family encouraged or helped me with my career or lifestyle, but that's how I liked it, how I wanted it. I am closer to my father now. I like to think I'm very independent and can care for myself. I have this manta right now, "I don't need a man." I grew up without siblings but I always played with Aunt Jordanna's kids and they seemed to like me but we were never close. 
☠ What are some interests of yours? What do you dislike? 
I love reading, drinking homemade tea,being alone (sometimes) and trying new recipes and new things. I love hanging out and listening to music; classical is preferred but I love techno. I love the rain. It's an odd thing, but I'd rather be happy when it's pouring rain outside and thundering that when it's bright and sunny and blinding. Rain inspires me. It makes me want to get out there and dance and move and just let go. What do I hate? I hate drunks (my aunt), weird parents and people who give 0% effort in anything, especially relationships. I also dislike people who expect to have everything handed to them. I WORKED to get where I am today, I didn't just "Ask Daddy". Also, I hate people who think they're fat and don't want to do anything about it. Get on the treadmill or leave us alone. I don't like complainers and whiners.

☠ Any last words?
Nothing really. All I can say is that once there's competition, I'll be ready. Wherever the competition, I am there too. But be careful because I don't get tired. Ever. I'll keep going, like a broken-record maybe, until I get it right, do it better than you can and look glamorous at the same time.

Thanks so much! I really hope I get the part! There are so many talented ones out there, and I hope I get a fair chance and thanks for the opportunity! ♥
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