Name: Milena “Lena” Young
Age: 24
Portrayed by: Charlotte Kemp Muhl 
Role: Lead Drama Actress Understudy
Relationship status: In a relationship with Henry Parker (Shiloh Fernandez)
Biography: Milena Young has always been successful. Lena always lands the lead roles in every musical and plays she auditioned for. She is a star and loved by anyone especially in high school and college. She moved to New York to finally be the star she’s destined to be. With her boyfriend Henry Parker by her side, Milena plans to get to the top whatever it takes.

“Ugh, I’ve never been an understudy!” I whined at Henry. 
He caressed softly my hand trying to comfort me. “You need to start somewhere…Besides the lead will get sick or something one day and that will be your time to shine.” 
He smiled while I frowned knowing already that the lead actress Drew Siegler was a perfectionist, she would never get sick for a performance. 

“Anyway, enough about me… how was your day?” I asked sweetly. 
“Well the bar was full and everyone got great tips…” My boyfriend worked as a part time bartender, but he also had a photography studio in our apartment. 
“Did you get tips for how delicious the drinks were or for your looks?” I teased him.
He laughed, “Both.” 
“Maybe I should stop by the bar more often” I winked at him. “Maybe you should” Henry said before he leaned and kissed me.
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