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Before I talk about my week, I just want to say that thank you so much for my REGULAR set (not top set) being 5OO likes!! I looked at the likes when I was eating lunch and my friends thought I was a weirdo or something LOL! http://www.polyvore.com/cozy_sweaters_warm_hot_cocoa/set?id=99243528

The entire Back to School weekend wasn't really scary so of course if you hate horror movies (like me) then you wouldn't be that afraid since most of these things aren't scary.

This week in P.E. we mostly played Soccer and I have to admit, I haven't played Soccer before but now I get it :p

Today in Math Pre-AP my Math teacher told me that if I get an 8O in this class, it would consider to be a 1OO in Regular Math and I was like "OH.MY.GOSH! REALLY?!?" I was like so happy since I have a B in my class and...I have no excuse on what to say to my dad when my report card comes out next week but I'll just say it's an A :p

By the way, sorry I was kind of late on making a set. I was messing around with the new Weheartit layout, watching Masterchef, and went shopping to buy a coat! :3

So this week my friend suggested that in lunch, we should pray. I haven't prayed for my food in lunch in school in awhile so yes God, I've sinned. Sorry. Everyday, one of my friends and I prays since all of us are Christians except for one girl. She's Mormon but still prays so she still prays with us. :)

Nothing much about my crush this week. I say hi to him after class and he says hi back. Nothing much. After English today, I was talking to a girl that we should be projects for this Greek and Goddess project since my partner seems not to be helping so I felt like I should be with another partner. Someone who CARES about work and such. Not be rude or anything. Then my crush turned around since he was walking in front of me and say "OH HEY (insert my name)!" and we started talking about English. It was awkward since I'm in Regular and he was in Pre-AP so I was kind of lost on what he was saying :| IDK IF HE LIKES ME. I think he does since he only talks to one girl and the rest are guys and that one girl is me...

Today in Career Portal in Business (KEYBOARDING!!), we finally don't use our Keyboard covers and USE MICROSOFT WORD!! I thought I knew Microsoft Word but now I know how to make a Header and a Footer!

Oh yeah and a few days ago, I realized that my second crush (I know...kind of dumb to have 2 crushes) is TALLER than me. I know you're like "Isn't the guy suppose to be taller than girls?" well...yes and no. Yes because you USUALLY (not all) marry someone whose taller or become your boyfriend. No because I'm freakishly tall and taller than most guys my age. I remember 4 years ago, he was shorter than me and I haven't seen him until now since I moved. WHAT IN THE WORLD.

Eh hm...let me stop here for a bit. EVERYONE, READ SHUG!! It's really funny, interesting, and it's just all sorts of random stuff! Everyday in Silent Reading, I always get tired of reading other books BUT THIS BOOK, I CAN'T HAVE MY HANDS OFF OF IT!! I feel like I want to read more and more!

Okay so the scary part...not really scary but in Science, my science teacher showed me this video..it was just the YouTube logo and he said "look at it closely" and I saw...nothing as a difference AND THAT SCARY POP UP COMES. I SCREAMED MY HEAD OFF AND CRIED. I tried finding the original video but I was too scared to find it...

Then I was scared again because a guy screamed in the bus and he was behind me so I screamed too.


So...yeah! That was my BTS Week 7!! :D

-Katrina #katrinawuvsyou 
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