2011/07/13 Bubble Bubble pop~pop!!!!!
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09 – A song that you like to sing to
HyunA- bubble pop
HD MV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bw9CALKOvAI
Live http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCB_k5ewJoU

First choice i want to submit this for Korean girl challenge but her song made me sing along so much.

Let's me talks sth about this song>> I'm not her fan or 4minute i ever do like her alot when her debute as wonder girls cuz she deserve the best new comer dancing machine replace BoA,Hyori(in the future?). And ever dislike her cuz she always try to show her body and reminded me to Miley Cyrus in some way.
I'm not thinking to anything just i want to catching up K-pop song and i found HyunA new song is my fav but when i come to read comments below MV on youtube full of negative why??? ppl do dislike this why ppl said she do like .. 
eventhought she try hard to sing&dance as the same time i dont think so everybody can't do it specially shake the hip like that Lol:)) bubble bubble pop ,pop pop~~Uh uh uhhh!!!

And why?? many time when K-pop made MV,dance step so hot alot of ppl always said they're try to be Americanized?? oh what!!!! like happened to GD.She can dance guys do not ... thought only American music is the pattern(i'm not mean i dislike American song okay!!)>> open your heart you'll see another world awesome i mean not judge when you never watching K-pop before watching her this style for me soclose with Lee Hyori step dance and she is diva.. of course K-pop music always dance dance& dance since i remember before 2000 and HyunA made this song so catchy i bet her everyway of course sometime K-pop do lipsing but 80% ever unsuccess if you libsing fans do stricted it haha you'll see MR remove live on Youtube i'm sure only K-pop fans do it and i see her performance i change my mind to like her not that much just i want to support talented idol.

Many time she try too much to be sexy and do look over than her age that why ppl called her S..t but the real personality of her just ordinary and she got problem with her health too that why she stop working and then back with 4minute,i dislike SNSD but never click dislike their MV on youtube ofcourse i click like all.

Go Go HyunA you got me support you
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