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  • Nearly Natural Buddha Head (Indoor/Outdoor)
    For certain types of décor, a Buddha head is an ideal accompaniment. If you have an Zen-like area, be it a room in your home, a reception area to a healing arts center, or a peace garden, this Buddha head will perfectly fit into the look, and give a spiritual sense of calm to all who gaze upon it. Small enough for anywhere, yet large enough to not get overshadowed, this remarkable piece also makes a great gift.
  • Painted Zen Buddha Cabinet C.1920
    A truly magnificent addition to your home, this C.1920 Buddha Cabinet originated in Gansu. With its magnificent hand-carved lotus motif, this antique butsudan was very likely used as a display or worship cabinet, but lends itself to myriad uses. Featuring two roomy doors in its lower section, four doors in its midsection, and a lovely wooden grate that swings open in its upper section, it has a beautifully aged finish in hues of red, blue, and ivory. This one-of-a-kind Buddha cabinet is fitted with a movable shelf and ring-pull hardware, adding to its beauty and utility. Solid pine wood. Hand-carved lotus motif. Antique dating to c.1920. One of a kind.
  • NOVICA Tempera on Canvas Signed Buddha Painting
    The quiet grace of a Buddha image is manifest against a background of glowing colors. This beautiful statue sits in Thailand's Wat Phra Singh temple. Considered a supreme example of northern Thai art the image is one of a rare series of lion style images. For Thotsapon the image inspires faith which he shares through this reverent painting. Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist nation filled with breathtaking ancient temples pagodas and other architectural wonders constructed to worship Buddha. In Thailand images of Buddha play an important role beyond mere decoration. They are traditionally placed within the home in special locations such as shrines or pedestals to help facilitate everyday religious worship.
  • NOVICA Thai Mixed Media Signed Golden Lotus Blossom Painting
    Radiant in the shadows lotus blossoms are Buddha's preferred offering. Noppadon Kamkong works in mixed media to depict three stately flowers. Applications of golden foil create a luminous effect as though the petals glow with their own light.
  • NOVICA Original Cubist Portrait of Buddha from India
    Lotus buds reach skyward on slender graceful stems. They frame a portrait of Buddha by Sudesh Kuma. For the Indian artist Buddha's relaxed and peaceful mind are an inspiration and he depicts the master in warm colors. The lotus is a symbol of resurrection purity serenity and peace.
  • NOVICA India Reverent Signed Portrait of Buddha In Quiet Colors
    Lotus blossoms surround Buddha the pure flowers his favorite offering. Showing a chakra on his forehead the Enlightened One is a messenger of peace. Sunil Jaiswal selects a quiet palette of green brown and grey to convey sensations of tranquility in this reverent painting.
  • Safavieh 3-piece Buddha Canvas Wall Art Set
    Canvas captures every detail. Box frame rests on nails, for easy hanging. What's Included Each piece: 31''H x 20''W x 1.38''D Ready to hang Vertical display Canvas/wood Spot clean Model no. ART2006A Size: One size. Color: White. Gender: Unisex. Age Group: Adult. Material: Canvas/Wood.
  • NOVICA Original India Signed Painting of Buddha
    Buddha's serene countenance is a portrait of tranquility in this gentle portrait. Fragrant incense caresses his features in a painting by Sunil Jaiswal. The face of the Enlightened One is bathed in a golden glow.
  • NOVICA Artisan Crafted Buddhism Journal 48 Blank Handmade Paper
    Sitting on a lotus throne as befits his divine status Buddha gestures a mudra while in serene meditation. His image in screen printed on khaki-hued handmade paper for the cover of this journal by Asha Prabha. Trimmed with khaki cotton the journal features 48 blank handmade paper pages.
  • NOVICA Gilded Balinese Wood Buddha Sculpture Painted by Hand
    Carved by hand of crocodile wood this lovely image depicts Buddha seated in deep meditation. His eyes are closed hands in lap with thumbs together as the nerve channel related with enlightenment passes through the thumbs. Gung Gus paints the gilded sculpture in beautiful colors detailing lotus blossoms on the flowing robe.
  • NOVICA Handmade Natural Soapstone Sculpture
    Lord Buddha is mirthful as he throws back his head and laughs out loud. The laughing Buddha represents prosperity happiness and longevity; many believe that rubbing his belly will bring good luck and fortune. Gulam Rasool presents this delightful image carved from soapstone.
  • Decorative Stone Buddha
    Distressed,12in w x 17in h,imported
  • NOVICA Wood sculpture
    Closing his eyes Buddha´s head contemplates nature's beautiful harmony. Birds are chirping as they flit between lotuses symbol of purity according to the Buddhist faith. By Eka the sculpture is carved by hand from crocodile wood.
  • NOVICA Spiritual Framed Painting
    Buddha smiles serenely his lovely features caressed by living lotus buds. They symbolize purity and the light of wisdom. To the right a red door is poised to open. In Thailand red is the color of triumph and the door opens onto good winning out over evil. Parinya Nanjai depicts exquisite symbols of his faith. Painted in acrylic on handmade saa (mulberry bark) paper the work is mounted on cotton and framed in teakwood. Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist nation filled with breathtaking ancient temples pagodas and other architectural wonders constructed to worship the Buddha. In Thailand images of the Buddha play an important role beyond mere decoration. They are traditionally placed within the home in special locations such as shrines or pedestals to help facilitate everyday religious worship.
  • NOVICA Hand Carved Gilded Wood Wall Panel of Buddha from Indonesia
    Togog Suyasa crafts this weathered wood wall panel inspired by the rich cultural history of his country. Hand-carved from Balinese albesia wood the relief sculpture depicts Buddha's face brushed with a gilded finish.
  • NOVICA Buddha Portrait Balinese Relief Panel
    The perfect symmetry of his features heightens the serenity of this beautiful portrait. Seji Taram depicts Buddha in a relief panel beautifully sculpted by hand. The mark of enlightenment appears on the master's forehead as he yields himself to meditation.
  • NOVICA Fair Trade Lacquered Wood Centerpiece
    Inspired by spiritual customs Nantana Sompamitre designs an offering tray of glorious beauty. It is intended to be filled with colorful lotus flowers and placed on an altar in front of Buddha's image. Adorned with sumptuous golden flowers this mango wood offering bowl is covered with several coats of lacquer which Sompamitre prepares from the Gluta usitata tree and ashes of burnt rice paddy husks. Sompamitre executes the florid motifs with a traditional gilding technique called lai rot nam ( watered pattern ). First the patterns are engraved free-hand with a sharp-pointed tool and then the piece is dusted with a wooden powder. The black background is covered with a yellow gummy paint which comes from a tree resin that has been placed in water for a day. After that a thin coat of lacquer is applied to the entire surface and before it dries gold leaf is placed over it. The piece is then left to dry for approximately 20 hours. Finally the whole lacquer ware is thoroughly rinsed in water rinsing out impurities or unattached gold leaf. The result is a piece of rich artistry where shimmering gold engraved designs contrast against a high-gloss black background.
  • NOVICA Buddha Photography Print
    Ryan Chappell focuses his lens on Buddha's hand capturing its graceful gesture though cast of bronze. It is part of the 15m tall bronze Buddha of Taejosan Mountain South Korea. It weighs 60 tons and the length of each fingernail is 30 cms. Chappell works with Fujicolor crystal archive paper presenting the signed photograph on a mat board.
  • NOVICA Buddhism Hand-carved Wood Bust Sculpture with Stand
    Buddha's visage is a portrait of serenity through the hand-carved artistry of Togog Suyasa in Bali. Beautifully detailed in white and gilt this albesia wood sculpture is displayed on a stand carved of the same wood.
  • NOVICA Golden Lotus Blossom Painting from Thailand
    Emerging from dappled darkness lotus flowers flourish. Buddha taught that all living creatures exist within the cycle of life - birth age death - but a wholesome existence guided by proper understanding contemplation and concentration releases one. Beautifully depicted by Noppadon Kamkong the lotus is Buddha's preferred offering.
  • NOVICA Hand Carved Buddha in Pipal Leaf Wood Sculpture with Stand
    Buddha achieves a serene sense of inner peace within a pipal leaf in this sculpture from Bali. Togog Suyasa carves the albesia sculpture by hand with admirable realism offering his art in reverence to the spiritual teacher. Suyasa finishes the sculpture with painted details and gilt applications. According to scripture Buddha achieved enlightenment while meditating beneath the pipal tree which became known as a bodhi or enlightened tree.
  • NOVICA Artisan Crafted 4-piece Wood Puzzle Box
    Carved by hand from sono wood with reverent detail a young Buddha appears on the lid of this puzzle box from Eka. The box is carved from suar wood in four pieces designed to fit perfectly together.
  • NOVICA Acrylic Buddha Painting
    Serenity radiates from a calm knowing face. Once a man who lived a good life and made merit became a deity in heaven after his death. He now watches over humans pointing them toward good deeds. Aeknarin Chuanglao brings an old Thai belief to life in this radiant painting.
  • Buddha Book Ends
    Similar item
    Enlightened library. These Buddha book ends balance your collection of classic novels in contemplative style. They're the finishing touch for your home or office. Marble base provides the weight to support large books. Nonskid bottom holds its place without scratching your shelf's surface. Details: Includes: 2 book ends 9H x 6W x 4D (each) Resin/marble Manufacturer's 90-day limited warrantyFor warranty information please click here Model no. R11U Size: One size. Color: Yellow. Gender: Male.
  • Buddha Oil Paint Canvas Wall Art
    Mesmerize your guests with this Buddha oil paint canvas wall art. Box frame rests on nail, making hanging easy. 39.5"H x 39.5"W x 1.7"D Vertical display Ready to hang Canvas Wipe clean Model no. EN18073 Size: One size. Color: Multi/None. Gender: Unisex. Age Group: Adult. Material: Canvas.
  • NOVICA Set of 6 Handmade Paper Greeting Cards with Buddha Motif
    Inspired by the rich Buddhist tradition in India Asha Prabha designs this exquisite set of six greeting cards with envelopes. Each greeting card is crafted using handmade paper and presented in a unique box. The front of each card features a portrait of a peaceful Buddha and a screen print of a court stamp representative of those used during the ancient Mughal empire.

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