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  • puji Large Buddha Head - Green
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    This clay buddha head statue is perfect for all those who want to add a spiritual feel to their garden or home. It is a good sized statue that displays great detail so it is sure to be a prominent feature and focal point in any home. Finished in a antique distressed green.
  • Cyan Design Thai Buddha Sculpture
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    Our furniture and home décor collection from Cyan Design features both modern and traditional designs constructed with high quality material and workmanShips. Material: Ceramic Finish: Off White Glaze. Dimensions: 10.5"(h) x 7"(dia)
  • Buddhist Home Decor | Buddha Head Statue | Buddhist Art
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    The meditative Buddha is finished in a vibrant shade of blue and fits in peacefully to any zen-like decor. Handmade: skillfully created by artisans using natural materials. Variations in color, size and design are a natural part of handcrafted items.
  • puji Resting Buddha
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    Add a touch of the Far East with this exotic Resting Buddha. Finished in an antique bronze with contrasting silver accents on the body and shoulder.
  • 9" Japanese Sitting Zenjo-in Rust Patina Buddha Statue
    A cast resin statue of Buddha, the Bodhisattva, who found ultimate knowledge under the Bodhi tree. Traditional Japanese Zen style design, with the gentle drape of the robe, the proportions of the head and body, and the delicate detail of the Buddha's face, all meant to inspire an experience of inner peace and tranquility. Finely detailed, heavy cast resin Asian statue. Japanese rendering of the historical Buddha in meditation. Finished with a faux rust oxidized iron patina. Lovely decorative accent; artistic gift idea.
  • 16" Sitting Japanese Zen Monk Statue
    A simple, beautiful work of timeless art, cast from fine quality heavy resin, with a beautiful serene face, and hands in classic "Namaste" mudra. Use as a unique and distinctive decorative Asian accent. Buddhism came late to Japan, and the Japanese developed a uniquely simple, beautiful, natural teaching; Zen. This distinctive monk statues can add an element of that same natural simplicity and beauty to your home or office decor. Beautiful cast resin reproduction of a Japanese style bronze. A meditating Zen Buddhist monk, possibly a young novitiate. Wonderful detail; shaved head, long earlobes, "Namaste" mudra. From a unique selection of fine quality Buddhas & Buddhist art.
  • imm Living Kalyana Jewelry Holder
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    Beautiful blessing. Crafted from porcelain in a pure-white hue, this gorgeous jewelry holder features an eight-armed goddess sitting in a lotus flower. Dangle necklaces, earrings, and rings from her arms, or let your favorite accessories rest in the catchall tray. Bottom can be used as a catchall tray. Porcelain.
  • Antique White Ceramic Meditating Buddha Lotus Seat Sculpture- 30"H
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    Seated with eyes gently cast down in deep meditation, this Meditating Buddha statue is the physical embodiment of reaching the enlightened state. 30 inches high x 23 inches wide x 13 inches deep. Hand cast from earthenware ceramic. Antique ivory crackle glaze. Glaze is in a glossy finish. Each one is hand made, no two are alike. Bronze glaze is in a semi gloss metallic bronze glaze. Returns will not be granted for slight glaze variations.
  • 17" Japanese Sitting Buddha Statue
    A large, powerful, beautiful statue of Gautama Buddha, the Bodhisattva, with his legs crossed in lotus position, seated in meditation. An excellent quality casting of fine heavy resin. There is a large body of knowledge, mathematical and geometric convention devoted to artistic images of the Buddha, in paintings, statues, sculptures, and carvings: Buddharupa. How wide to set the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, how many hair knots, position of the top knot, proportions of shoulders to knees, and hands to feet. We believe once you choose one of these works of fine craftsmanship, for your living room, bedroom, or office, you'll enjoy looking at it for years to come. Large seated Buddha figure, almost a foot and a half tall. Excellent quality casting of fine quality heavy resin. Part of a series of outstanding Buddha statue reproductions.
  • Elegant Thai Buddha
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    Celebrate the Buddha by displaying this elegant Buddha resin carving.
  • 17" Xian Tomb Warrior Statue
    A remarkably authentic, beautiful reproduction of a terra cotta soldier from the massive tomb complex in Xian, China. Discovered in 1974, the tomb is the final resting place of China first emperor, the historical figure who united China. There are an estimated 8000 life size clay warriors in Emperor Qin Shiuang Ling's terra cotta army. Well crafted from fine quality heavy resin, it's an exceptionally detailed casting of a sentry, hands clasped in front, standing watch. The faux sand finish is representative of how the figures look when they were excavated from the tomb. At almost a foot and a half tall, this is a large resin statue, a wonderful decoration to guard your living room or study, home or office. This figure is almost a foot and a half tall, a large beautiful statue. Stunning reproduction of a terra cotta warrior from the Imperial Tomb at Xian. Beautifully rendered with a faux sand finish; hands clasped in front. A wonderful, silent guardian, to keep watch over home or office. A distinctive gift for him, great for a new home, business, holiday, or birthday. From our remarkable selection of 50+ fine cast resin Asian art statues and figurines.
  • 22" Standing Japanese Zen Monk Statue
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    This Japanese monk statue is more simple, subtle works compared to more ornate Buddhist art of Tibet, China, and Thailand. This standing version is almost 2 feet tall. Interesting, creative, home décor can help turn an unadorned dorm room, apartment, or house into a warm, special place to relax and renew our strength and emotional balance. A unique alternative to common interior design accessories. For some, Japanese art imparts an element of Asian style and design that inspires access to inner resources we all have but don't always use. In Asian gift giving, a Buddha statue or a Buddhist monk statue is a thoughtful gift of respect and friendship, and we believe they will make good gifts right here in the USA as well. Simple, beautiful cast black resin reproduction of a Japanese style Za Zen Buddhist monk, possibly a young novitiate. Lovely, authentic detail, with shaved head, elongated earlobes, wonderfully articulated robe folds, hands held in welcoming "Namaste" greeting mudra. Designed with a blissful, transcendent, almost glowing face, though slightly more common nose and eyebrow ridge, over eyes closed in deep meditation. True to the original Japanese stone or granite sculpture, this Zen monk sits in half lotus position, on a classic style double lotus base pediment, attached as shown. providing one of 3 cast black resin reproductions of classic Japanese style Zen monks, part of a larger collection of more than two dozen remarkable cast resin Buddhist art statues, including Buddha statues, monks, and angels.

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