And for the record: Willow is bisexual, not lesbian! Lesbians are awesome, but positive bi depictions in popular culture are incredibly scarce, and painting her as lesbian implies that she and Oz's relationship or her feelings for him were in some way "not real," which I'm not buying!
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Wrote three years ago
{SIGH} I still miss Spike. (Yes, I, too, disliked Riley.)

Wrote three years ago
Yea I agree, he was just SO SELF CENTERED. Willow and Tara were the BEST. Am I the only one who cried?

Wrote three years ago
@herbalkitten I wasn't in love with him (kinda like Buffy, ha ha), but I didn't hate him. It wasn't 'til 5th season when he was having all those "I'm threatened by your strength, but am going to say it's about you not being able to let anyone in and all your friends will mysteriously agree with me" issues that he became really annoying. I liked when they brought him back with the bad@ss girlfriend in season 6. That kind of redeemed the character for me.

Wrote three years ago
Ick, am I the only one who hated Riley?



Love Knows NO Gender <3

Love Knows NO Gender <3

This is a group where you can express yourself and feel safe. It's for anyone who wants to join: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Gender Outlaw, Asexual, Pansexual, Omnisexual, Queer, Heterosexual (we love you PFLAG & GSA!!!); anybody's free to join. This is a place where we want you to feel like you can express yourself freely without being pressured to conform.
You can submit sets about:
~Making Gay Marriages Legal
~Anti-Transgender Discrimination
~Gay/Bi Couples
~How You Feel About Gay Rights
~How you Feel About Gender Identity Rights
~Anything you want, it's cool if you just want to hang out!
There SHALL be a lot of Contests. And That Is A Promise.
Have Fun! c:

Heroine, Princess or Leading Lady.

Heroine, Princess or Leading Lady.

Any sets related to leading ladies, princesses, or heroines in general! they could be in literature, movies, tv, comics or anywhere.
Dreamcasts, dolls, fashion sets, anything you can imagine! :)
Let's have 50 member contests so you can earn trophies :D

The Film/TV Squad

The Film/TV Squad

I have a Disney group, but there are sooo many other great films and shows out there to appreciate too! This group is literally to share ANY film/TV show sets you've created and remind people of all the brilliant things they could be watching :)
Hoping to eventually do contests too and will always be open to suggestions!!!


Favorite Comedy TV Show Contest!

Favorite Comedy TV Show Contest!

53 sets from 12 members. Ended three years ago.
I know this is a film group, but I wanted to do something different, submit your sets of your favorite comedy tv shows! (1950's-present)

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