BUILD-A-DRESS winners & all entries

What a FAB collection of talent and amazing design is presented here. Thank you for all your creative efforts and for entering your art. I have added my designs as well, as they fit the theme.


Wrote three months ago
i just want to say thank you so much for all the kind words & inspiration... this is such a stunning collection, i keep popping open sets to look & re-look at the details & elements that everyone used... there's something wow happening in each creation...
keep the art flowing ~xxblack

Wrote three months ago
So beautiful!

Wrote three months ago
Congratulations to everyone that won and participated. I know this was a creative labor intensive contest. Major props to all

Wrote three months ago
Thanks for including my entries in your collection! And thanks for Honorable Mention! Please keep up the great contests. They are so muchfun!

Wrote three months ago
Such a fun contest, you chose well!!! On to next!

Wrote three months ago
Amazing! Thank you for including my sets! xoxo

Wrote three months ago
This was a really fun contest!! Great Idea Judy! Incredible artistic sets made by all..I really enjoyed looking at them all..WOW! xxoo Regina

Wrote three months ago
Great Collection! Thank you!

Wrote three months ago
Wow these pieces all come from some VERY talented artists!


  • helena-handbasket
  • epg123
  • wickedangel
  • katiemarilexa
  • violet-peach
  • nermina-okanovic
  • xscape-offici
  • a-andm
  • auntiehelen
  • emine-dilek
  • xandra-black
  • snigi
  • aida-1999
  • montse-gallardo
  • swan-lady
  • rayon-de-soleil
  • koalamum
  • leotajane
  • paculi
  • softsounds
  • dianagrigoryan
  • totwoo
  • amelaa-16
  • indicupcake
  • edy321
  • onemonday
  • dinka1-749
  • sue-wilson1967
  • hastypudding
  • julietaboutique
  • kikilea
  • danijela-3
  • katerin4e-d
  • living-in-ethereal-fantasy
  • sadorenenepink
  • jumi-23
  • karmakaybee
  • jessicasanderstx
  • perizone
  • stephanielee4
  • kbarkstyle
  • hawkeye9862
  • dragananovcic
  • metter1
  • taniucha
  • theonly-queenregina
  • kari-c
  • sejla15
  • meliol
  • dazzling-dazed-dayz
  • maison-de-forgeron
  • daizyjayne
  • angie-in-reverie
  • tatajrj
  • scarlett-morwenna
  • ragnh-mjos
  • fatimka-becirovic
  • ermina-camdzic
  • tasnime-ben
  • bulletblues
  • minka-989
  • chiqiyoly
  • michelle-miller-iii
  • lillili25
  • a-camdzic

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