Building Your Wardrobe With Louise Roe

We’re back for another round of style advice from the charming Louise Roe. This week, Ms. Roe has some excellent guidance for new graduates about how to build out your work wear wardrobe. These easy, versatile pieces will keep you looking stylish at the office and afterwards.

Check out her picks below!


Wrote three years ago
This outfit is really pretty

Wrote three years ago
so beauty

Wrote three years ago
All this are very beautiful

Wrote three years ago
When we create a set, we are showing how things are put together and how the set should look.
Find similar styles in your price range, and make it your own. We are showing new trends, colors,
styles and fashion. You will find the same ideas in a reasonable priced market at your favorite store.

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
I've been out of college for 14 years and own my business. I wouldn't even buy some of these expensive pieces -Jimmy Choo!?. What kind of advice is this for young women graduating, especially in this economy? I believe in dressing for success and investing in a few timeless pieces, namely shoes, bag, and coat. Ladies, invest in things that will really make life better, namely student debt, retirement, mortgage, and vacation funds!

Wrote three years ago
Just use the ideas and shapes and look for the items in your price range at a less expensive store.

Wrote three years ago
Hi, I think solid coloured scarves, are quite boring with this outfit. It needs more fusion. Or more "Get up & Go"

Wrote three years ago
Yes..very expensive! But all your paying for is his name! I love Michael Kors but can anyone really tell the difference between two cashmere scarfs? cashmere is cashmere!

Wrote three years ago
Love these items but VERY expensive for college students just starting out...maybe even for those women entrepreneurs who have limited budgets.

Wrote three years ago
No recent graduate could afford those items.


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