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Rachel's POV
"Hey monkey face" Said your enemy Niall. I heard the other boys laughing. I ignored them. We've been enemy's since pre-school. He threw me a toy and it him me in the head. Of course I threw one back. We're in high school now and he's a big bully. I've always been bullied. "Oh my gosh that thing on her head. It lookes like..." He didn't have anything to say. "Have nothing to say huh? I said walking away. 

Niall's POV
I hate being a bully. I just do this because I have friends. I actually like her. A lot. I sighed and started thinking about her again. It's like we grew up together. I love her so much. I hate being her enemy. I should be her boyfriend but nope I'm her enemy. I'm such an idiot. 

I saw her and one of the boys dropped her lunch. They all laughed except for me her and her friend. Her friend said "You feeling okay?" I noticed that she was red. "I'm done with you dropping my food everyday. I'm done coming to school and you say something about me. That hurts. I pretened it doesn't but it does." Everybody was quiet. They were all paying attention to us. "How about if I do it you. You wouldn't like it!" She yelled. 
-After lunch-
Niall's POV
I walked up to her in class and said "Hi. Look I'm sorry for all thise times I bullied you." She ignored me like nobody was talking to her. "Umm hello" I said. She still wouldn't talk to me. I left her a note in her desk. But when she left class she didn't take it. I put it in her locker so she could read it. She opened her locker and the note fell. She saw it and just kicked it. I had no other choice but to tell her I like her. "Hey Rachel. Umm I know you don't care but I like you." She looked at me and looked back at the teacher.

To be continued...
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