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It's nickie!! Today i have a nail tutorial for you guys!! hope you like it(:

What you need:
Yellow nail polish/Yellow nail art pen
Black nail polish/nail art pen
sky blue nail polish
white nail polish/nail art pen
toothpick (optional)

step one:
paint your nails with your sky blue nail polish.
apply another coat for a more opaque and bolder finish.
apply another coat if you have to, also do some touchups.

step two:
using your black nail polish/ nail art pen (if you have black nail polish, then spill a little on a flat surface and use a toothpick to dot it on your nail) and dot little dots on your nails to make it look like the one in the picture.

step 3:
On your thumb nail use a yellow nail polish and make a little oval shape with the polish on the nail. Then draw little black stripes with your nail polish/nail art pen to create the bee. then draw little wings on the top of the bee with your black nail polish/nail art pen. Use your white nail polish/nail art pen to fill in the wings.

hope you guys enjoyed this quick nail tutorial!!
xoxo, Nickie

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