Bunny Cunningham ☽ TCC

Serena "Bunny" Cunningham
16 ☽ Sailor Moon
Ever since she rescued a strange black cat on her way home from school, Serena's life has been in a tailspin. Serena thought she was going crazy when she heard the cat speak! It introduced itself as Luna, and told Serena she had a very important destiny. Serena has always felt like she was meant for something greater, and she was never good at behaving. When she puts on the guise of Sailor Moon, she feels like she can do anything and she knows that this was what she was meant to do. During the day, you would never guess her power - she's too busy trying to abide the ridiculous state laws and daydreaming about her crush, Darien. She's a little clumsy, naive and airheaded at times, but she was a good heart and isn't afraid to do much of anything.
FC: Daphne Groeneveld
Played by: kitschywitchy

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