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There are five people in this conversation: Me, My friend (Who'll be "Bus Buddy"), that guy... (who'll be HIM), that guy's friend with a lisp (Lisp Dude) and his other friend with extremely curly hair (Poodle Guy)

Poodle Guy: Hey ______ (sorry, bleeping out their names :P)[He's talking to Lisp Dude]! I'll date her if you won't get back with her!
Lisp Dude: But she's mine
Poodle Guy: So? You already broke up with her once.
Lisp Dude: That doesn't mean I still don't like her...
Bus Buddy: I can't believe you guys are arguing about this when you're only in eigth grade...
Me: *giggle*
Bus Buddy: (sarcastically) Haha, freaks. *giggles*
HIM: (jokingly) You shut up. They're my friends.
Me: (jokingly) And SHE'S *points at Bus Buddy* my friend. And the rest of you are just... meh.
HIM: *exaggerated gasp* How dare you! I was you're 6th and 7th period buddy last year. Oh and 4th period, too!
Me: Yeah, I guess you're right. But I've known her since 3rd grade.....
HIM: (jokingly) *sniff sniff* Fine... like her more than me...
Me: *giggles*
Bus Buddy: Ha, you just aren't special enough.

IDK why I just found that one of the highlights of my day xD
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