"Breyane, Helen, you're up!" The judges called Helen onto the stage, where she shakily hit her starting position. Poor Helen, I pray that they never find out about her bad health condition, then she will have no chance at getting this part. She was an outstanding ballerina, but she was taking a big risk. I took another long, thirsty chug of my Voss water, then another. My thermos was an endless black hole of water. It was the only 'appetite' I had had for the past week, and not only was it getting tiresome with endless rehearsals, and only water (they wouldn't let us audition if they found us eating anything other than granola and/or water. SOL for me, I'm alergic to granola and SOL stands for shit of luck) to live on. If I didn't overcome my phobia of allergies, I would soon be looking like Helen, which wasn't bad if we're talking about the face but in this case we're not. Clutching the little 'mouse king' nutcracker that my older sister had sent me. I turned my attention toward the bony girls audition, watching her amazing never ending fuetés. I envied those fuetés. Finally (well it actually felt short because I have been dreading this moment), Helen's music came to a close and she exited the stage and I high-fived her "Amazing." I winked and took one last drink of my Norwiegian water before setting it on the floor by my shoe bag and doing the backbend head to the floor thing as a quick stretch. simple.

"Busch, Elaine, you're up!" they shouted. As I made my way on stage, I thought about every way this could go right, and the many ways it could go wrong. Isn't it funny how you always find more negative than positive things. I drew in the biggest breath possible for my small lungs, and hit my beginning position.
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