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Wrote 4 years ago
this is amazing! I completly adore it.

Wrote 4 years ago
Great! Beautiful choices. I'm still trying to find one for myself!

Wrote 4 years ago
This is beautiful! Your choices are all wonderful!

Wrote 4 years ago
Great dolls, princess!
Same problem here, I'm afraid. Also I can't seem to remember whether us all being actresses is a coincidence or not? Do we do models, even if it might be ...presumptuous?



The Haus of Paper Dolls

The Haus of Paper Dolls

The Haus of cute, quirky, dark, Kawaii, anime, sweet, old, young, beautiful, futuristic, mermaids, pirates, steampunk, Korean, new age, and old age. Any of your unique dolls are welcome in The Haus of Paper Dolls. Wipe your feet and come on in ^-^v
Just obey the #1 rule: No copying.

{{The Bus-Verse}}

{{The Bus-Verse}}

~This is a private alternate universe.~
There is a bus. An ever-changing bus. A magical bus. This bus, nicknamed the Big Bad Bus, this bus has the ability to travel through time and space, to other planets, alternate universes. It can go anywhere and do anything.
The Big Bad Bus appears normal, until you walk into it. The inside is significantly larger than you would even begin to fathom from looking at it's shell. It contains five rooms, a living area, a kitchen, and a dining room. And, of course, two bathrooms. AND a large indoor greenhouse. The entire bus is decorated with lush textiles, vibrantly coloured furs, and gorgeous antique furniture. This bus is magical though, so there are always random rooms popping up here and there.
On this bus, there dwells a family of girls. The bus is the center of their adventures. Their imaginations taking them wherever they wish. And together, these girls fulfill their greatest and wildest dreams.
{{The Bus-Mates}}
{{The Artist}}
Age - 24
Birthday - March 31st
From - Northern Ontario, Canada
Style- Very edgy vintage with a romantic twist.
Icon- Tank Girl, Bettie Page, Marianne Engel
Likes - Big band music, glitter, art, comic books, tattoos, horror movies, books.
Dislikes - Ignorance, rudeness, frat boys, fake tans.
Background - Born with magical shifting tattoos deep in the wilderness, Trip was raised by a pack of wolves. They weren't just any wolves. This group of wolves was known around the entire world. Some wondered if they even existed, a mysterious pack of wolves who could communicate with their minds and speak to the dead. Needless to say, Trip had an unusual childhood. When she was sixteen, Trip ventured a little too far from her wolf family and was discovered by a group of people. These people were in awe of the wild girl with the colourful skin. They lured her into their way of living, taking her to travel with their carnival. During this time Trip would not only witness the cruelty of humanity, but their loveliness as well. Trip mostly kept to herself, painting what she observed around her. She would occasionally make a friend, but none would ever stay. Eventually, growing sick of the freak show, Trip would run away. Upon luck she would come across Duckie and Princess. And the threesome would soon purchase the bus.
Suggested Model :: Natalie Dormer
{{The Musical Genius.}}
Birthday-February 3rd
From-San Francisco, California
Style-Grungey prep-school girl, rock and roll nerd. Has a remarkable ability to make tacky old things look fashionable. Also suffers from a case of style Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Icon-Agent Dana Scully, Buffy, Francesca Lia Block, Rod Serling, and Catwoman.
Likes-Science fiction, the 1970s, art museums, Halloween, Disneyland, wedge platforms, shrimp tacos, cartoons, late summer, late 90s clothing and films, lots and lots of caffeine, and pretty boys with weird hair.
Dislikes – Posers, conservatives, homophobes, people who don’t like to read, the typical teenager, Will Farrel movies, snails, and fake boobies.
Background-Ducky had a long and perilous jounrey out of the desert of which she used to call home, and ran away as soon as possible for a better future in a fog-covered city built by some genius who thought walking and driving up many hills would be a hoot. She met Trip and Princess right around the time her dream of becoming master characture street artist ran thin and right before she was thinking of taking up stripping to pay the bills [and fund her potentially life-threatening caffeine addiction.]; which was certainly a good thing. The three of them headed off on their journy when they procured the bus, and together their awesomeness was too much for one city [or time period or universe] to handle and began to have seriously kick ass adventures, and met more seriously kick ass girls. But we know all that. This is about the Duck. And Ducky is the one on the bus who controls the radio and the super-awesome-stereo-system she instaled with an iron fist, but in such a lovably amusing way no one dares stay mad at her too long even when she thinks several hours of death metal is a good idea [but that’s almost always brought on by bad moods, and is completely understandable.]. She tends to be quite easy going otherwise, and avoids conflict that doesn’t directly involve herself, deciding instead that lots of empowerment dancing is always the answer. She has a terrible weakness for expensive clothing and strange food, and will make the girls stop in all the most exotic places until she finds that one thing that’s she’s meant to have. Ducky tends to idenitfy more with being six, and stays on the bus because she knows if she leaves it, she’ll have to grow up. Until then, you’ll find her watching movies with Trip, learning how to sew with Sempe. She’s still looking for signs of other life in the universe, and attempting to write teen fiction best seller, but not in that order.
Suggested Model :: Jennifer Lawrence
{{The Tree-Hugger}}
Age -21
Birthday - May 18th
From - Generic Suburbia, the Midwest
Style- Tim Burton x Sailor Moon with a double-shot of glitter and spikes.
Icon- Lady Gaga, Emilie Autumn, Gwen Stefani, Molly Ringwald
Likes - music, video games, sociology, junk food, blogs, boys, sleeping, puppies, comedy
Dislikes - country music, ignorance, math, theology, gory stuff, gender norms
Background - Don't let the frills fool you. Princess is far from the typical Alpha B*tch blonde with expensive taste. In fact, quite the opposite; underneath the pink sequins lies a jaded academic, a sweetheart with a sharp wit, and a surprisingly "chillax, bro" attitude. In fact, she may be the most bro-tastic of the busmates. She's a hardcore nerd, an expert on plants, and hates getting out of bed. Princess was born of privilege, but never felt like she belonged there. She much preferred to play outside in public parks rather than mingle with high society in stuffy ballrooms. She was often reprimanded for dyeing her hair obscene colors and buying snacks at the gas station at the corner of town. Although it was explicitly forbidden, Princess would make at least one visit a week to the pumps and stock up on as much candy as she could find. It was here when a sketchy figure threw her the keys to an old Volkswagen bus. At first it didn't seem like much, though over time Princess realized her new ride was anything but scrap metal. It was a garden. It was a library. It was a home. Princess ditched her fancy digs and moved right in, setting off to wander aimlessly through the world. Eventually her paths crossed with a tattooed beauty and a sunny California girl, and they became the best of friends. Together they journeyed in search of adventure. They would later make many new friends and together they became the Busmates. As a home requires tender care, Princess took on the role of gardener, and cultivated the greenhouse into their private Eden, as well as a safe place for the many animal companions the girls adopted. No stop is complete without finding more flowers to grow. Princess also insists on scoping out the menfolk, in hopes of finding that elusive perfect match (for at least an evening!)
Suggested Model :: Emma Stone
{{The Dressmaker.}}
Age – 22
Birthday – November 22nd
From – Atlantic Canada, reportedly.
Style – Gothic/steampunk time traveller with a healthy dose of rock’n’ roll.
Icon – The Doctor, Gerard and Mikey Way, David Bowie, and a little bit of Wednesday Addams.
Likes – books, tea, whatever music she’s currently listening to, science fiction/dystopian/ historical fictio/fantasy, films that capture her imagination, classical history, and art.
Dislikes – ignorance, social lemmings, improper grammar, pretentious peers, and most teenagers. Clearly the exceptions to the rule are those she knows and loves.
Background – Born in the high Victorian period, a time of dirigibles and steam-powered trains, Semper was the precocious offspring of a much celebrated craftsman and an alchemist. She spent a great deal of time with her nose stuck in a book – and still does – but eventually joined a league of time travellers by the time she entered university. It was there that she found a passion for passing through different dimensions of time and travelling to distant lands of history at push of a button, pull of a trigger, and twist of a thingamabob. It was there that her love of fashion began – Semper began to create accounts of all the different styles she saw, trying to recreate them from memory and commit them to paper. It was on one of her journeys that her time travelling dirigible encountered a storm which caused Semper’s ship to malfunction, thus depositing her in the year 2011. She fell from the sky into the far reaches of Canada, much to her dismay, where she was unable to fix her ship due to her lack of knowledge in the areas of time travel machinery, other than basic maintenance. Stranded in a strange time and place, and knowing that she had no foreseeable way to return to her own home, Semper sold her broken dirigible to a group of steampunk enthusiasts (whom she accidentally mistook for her rescuers) and began to travel the normal way – by hiding on freight trains. Eventually and happily, Semper was picked up by Duckie, Trip, and Princess on the Big Bad Bus, where she settled in contentedly with teetering stacks of books and tea cups. She now makes clothing upon request (and spontaneously as well) for the other girls and has adapted very eagerly to modern things, especially music.
Suggested Model :: Olivia Thirlby
{{ The Sweetheart }}
Age : 17
Birthday : October the 4th
From : San Juan , Puerto Rico
Style : Exceptionally simple ; Always wearing a kick-ass pair of boots.
Icons : Queen Elizabeth I , V , Jane Austen ;
Likes : Witchcraft , intelligent debates , the circus , tea parties , zombies , superheroes ;
Dislikes : immatureness , the new vision of vampires as sparkly buffoons , Ignorance , Chaos ;
Background : On the outskirts of a small coastal town, was about a beautiful beach ; with white sands and clear blue waters , it was a sight to behold. But what made this beach unique ,was the Victorian-era turret tower that spiked through the mounds of sand , an incredible building that didn't fit in well with its surroundings. Dark and cold as the stones of the tower was the night two lovers hid away their unplanned child in this magic tower , for lack of a worse fate. Imprisoned for most of her life in the tower , Lady grew up accustomed to its eerie silence , and fleeting shadows . She thought herself the arts of dance , and took up reading , for she discovered a wall filled with hundreds of books . But such came the night where her knack for curiosity got the best of her , and she gave hunt to a glittering blue feather , finding her way outside the tower , but finding there was no way in again. Sadden by the loss of the only home she had always known, she headed to the forest. Soon enough , she took aid from a band of bandits , who taught her the skills of sword fighting and pistol swinging while performing musical numbers . Her time with the bandits , who called themselves ' les misarbles ' , came to an abrupt end when she saw the city of lights before her eyes. Lost , was she , to the bright lights and electro beats that came pulsating from the city. Over the course of time , she felt estranged to the modern world , and sad was she again. As she wondered the train station at midnight , she felt the walls rumble , and with the ruble came a big colorful bus into her view . The door swung open , and a girl with shimmering hair offered her hand to Lady , which she took rather quickly. She found herself then surrounded by the most fascinating and magnificent group of girls she has ever encountered . As a bus-mate , Lady relishes every moment she spends in the bus. Very much like the Chesquire cat , Lady appears when other fellow bus-mates are sad or in need of a comforting shoulder.
Suggested Model :: Rooney Mara
{{The Story-Teller}}
Age – 20
Birthday – 5 March
From – Bordeaux, France
Style – Marie Antoinette, garden tea party, 18th century lady with a modern-twist couture (basically anything ridiculous and cupcake-like)
Icons – Audrey Hepburn, J.K. Rowling, and Clémence Poésy
Likes – old movies, books, used bookstores, writing, reading, red velvet cake, tea, pugs, orchids, gardens, owls, foxes, Louis Garrel, anything velvet, Greek mythology
Dislikes – spiders and hotels
Background – Fanfan is the issue of a beautiful Celtic queen and Dionysus himself. Red Bordeaux wine courses through her veins the way blood does in others. All of her life, she has lived around sprawling vinyards, wineries, marbled fountains, and stately architecture. To fresh eyes, her home in Margaux was Eden, but to Fanfan, it was merely a starting point for a much larger journey. From the earliest moments Fanfan can recall, she has been weaving tales of inane fantasy. Her mind reels with fantastical possibilites each and every day, and her fingers itch to record them on...well, anything, including her own skin (in the absence of paper). She once even wrote a small sentence on the headboard of her bed since there wasn't any notebook paper nearby. It read:
"Après moi, le déluge." - Louis XV
A quote she now bears on the back of her neck as a constant reminder to herself (and anyone behind her) that she was an idiot, self-important sixteen year old.
From home to boarding school, from boarding school to uni, there has only ever been one place Fanfan's ever felt truly known for who she is, and that is amongst her companions on the bus - and her faithful travelling pug-companion, Clopin, of course. From time to time, Fanfan can be caught writing manically on anything in sight (including people and even the bus itself). Try to forgive her. She's a touch mad, you know.
Suggested Model :: Lea Seydoux
{{The Magician}}
Age – 17
Birthday – 13 May
From – Virginia, United States
Style – Fairytale couture
Icons – Sylvia Plath, Emilie Autumn, Kate Winslet
Likes – books, books, books, birds, poetry, libraries, museums, music, opera, Ophelia, the Lady of Shalott, the Victorian Era, Earl Grey tea with cream and no sugar, oyster crackers, poetry, historical dramas, Shakespeare, Sondheim, and Sherlock Holmes
Dislikes – the 21st Century
Background – Miss Bluestocking was a changeling child, a fairy left in the cradle of a stolen mortal child. Her adoptive parents, a pair of players living life upon the wicked stage, never knew their little girl, whose first role of note was a little fae in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at the age of five, really was the fairy princess she loved to pretend to be. Because of her innate oddity and rather snarky tendencies, BC never quite fit in with other children in school, preferring the company of her whole host of imaginary friends to corporeal playmates. As she grew, those daydream companions also matured, turning from a lonely little girl’s refuge to the cast of characters of her writings…from wayward Bluestockings to Arabian storytellers, from former supervillains to Arthurian sorceresses. One evening, whilst celebrating her seventeenth birthday in France with her dear friend Fanfan, the pair found themselves being chased through the streets of Paris by a lovesick fellow called Richard Armitage who was determined to kidnap the little sorceress and have her for his bride, not to mention swarms of Plague Rats who wished to see if Bluestocking’s wings were real {Author’s Note; They’re quite real, indeed, and change color based upon her current temperament!}. The duo took refuge in the first place they could find…a certain magical, time travelling bus, where they were honored to be invited to join the company of lovely, brilliant young women who resided upon it on their magical adventures.
Like every young fairytale maiden, BC has yet to experience her first kiss. Ever a hopeless romantic, she intends to bestow that magical favor only upon her One True Love…and until this intellectual prince amongst men arrives, she’s content to sing love songs to a nameless Someone…and turn many brash young lads into frogs for being far too fresh.
Suggested Model :: Saoirse Ronan
{{The Seance Master.}}
Age – 20
Birthday – February 7
From – Ruhrpott, Germany
Style – Rock’n’Roll/ Rockabilly, sometimes with a steampunk or circus-esque twist.
Icon – Gerard Way, Emily Bronte and Terry Pratchett.
Likes –.rock, folk punk and indie music, festivals and concerts, cats, books, imagination, hair dye, chocolate, design, foreign languages.
Dislikes – collective social dumbness, stereotypes, rudeness, injustice.
Background – Vampy grew up among the enormously rich cultural inheritance of an area formerly famous for its coal and steel industry, commonly known as the Ruhrgebiet, and tenderly referred to by its townsfolk as the ‘Pott’. But the coal dust in the air has long gone, as have the pitmen, and the shaft towers and coal mines now serve as the picturesque setting for countless museums of various interests, clubs, and concert halls.
And that, my friends, was quite a blessing, for Vampy never feels so alive as when the bass is humming in her chest and her heartbeat falls in line with the rhythm. The girl could be your average rock and roll kid whose best friend’s name is Chuck Taylor- which is actually the case- were it not for her love for reading. Had she not loved burying her nose in Blyton, Christie, Brontë, Pratchett and Austen from such an early age on, she might have stood a chance to belong to the intellectual goth guys, scraggy emo kids, or tattoo-sleeved rockabillies she admired so much. But alas, it was her destiny to remain the girl with a list of favourite bands longer than the Great Wall of China- none of which her friends knew a name of.
One night, on the way home from a venue, when Vampy was all shaky legs, ringing ears and dizzy happiness, a mysterious bus halted in front of her, and, having one of her very spontaneous moments, she simply hopped on. Looking back, this was the second best decision she ever made (right after er spur-of-the-moment buy of My Chem’s ‘Revenge’ album), because she now lives among girls that Really Understand Her.
It is here that Vampy finally found a use for her skills with the supernatural- for what it’s worth. Pretty Batcave, isn’t it?
After a night spent screaming her lungs out in the front row, she feels, there is no such thing as to bury her face and fingers in the fur of a purring cat, namely her pet tiger Mercutio.
Suggested Model :: Bella Heathcote
{{The Inventor}}
Age - 19
Birthday – September 27
From – San Diego, California, U.S.A. / Deadly Desert, Outskirts of Oz
Style- Cowboiz 4 Lyf: Punk-Rock High Plains Drifter with ladylike touches
Icon- The Man with No Name, Joey Ramone, Morticia Addams, Johnny Cash, and a little Dorothy Gale
Likes – Coffee, westerns, rock music, leopard print, Cryptozoology, leather, skulls, denim shirts, Christian iconography, art, fairytales, knitting, ghosts, bears, Americana, eyeliner, Indian food, Mickey Mouse, morticians, all things Devil
Dislikes – Weak coffee, early mornings, the sound of Styrofoam, obnoxious drunks, humidity, general foolishness
Background – Marzi was raised in the Deadly Desert, to the east of Oz. Her father was an inventor, a former citizen of Oz, sentenced to die of exposure in the desert because of his controversial inventions and forbidden relations with, and scandalous impregnation of, the youngest princess of Ev. The princess, Marzi’s mother, was sentenced to die beside her commoner lover. Neither kingdoms could anticipate the results. With only a handful of tools, a few scraps of metal, and the Princess’s magic, the couple was able to fabricate a man-made oasis in the middle of the Deadly Desert. They lived happily for some time, until the princess died in childbirth of her only daughter. From that point on, Marzi’s father spent every moment trying to invent a process to re-animate his beautiful wife, who was stored in a glass coffin in the middle of the lake. Marzi had a happy, if not lonely, childhood; her only friends were the automatons she became quite adept at creating. One day, while trawling the desert sands for scrap metal, a dust storm swept the 16-year-old Marzi up and dropped her directly in front of the most amazing thing she had ever seen—the Pacific Ocean. Since that fateful accident, Marzi has spent her days thumbing rides through the American Southwest (an absolute frozen wasteland compared to her hometown) and her nights working on minor inventions. Mere weeks before her twentieth birthday, Marzi was picked up by the girls of the Big Bad Bus. If she thought America was a big change of pace, then she was surely in for a surprise. She has slowly begun to make 'adjustments' to the BBB, including several fold-out espresso machines, a hydroponic greenhouse, and, unsurprisingly, several robot butlers.
Suggested Model :: Bambi Northwood Blythe
{{The Collector}}
Age: 24
Birthday: 20th April
From: The land of Tea and crumpets.
Style: Vintage Feminine with a hard edge.
Icon: Anne Boleyn, James Dean, Florence Welch, the Tenth Doctor.
Likes: Vinyl records, first edition books, old cameras, 1920's fashion, religious iconography, Deer, sci fi/fantasy/supernatural, tattoos and sherbet Lemons.
Dislikes: Cynics, fakery, gossip magazines, lip syncing, heatwaves and whistling.
Background: Born in the 16th Century during the reign of Henry VIII, Lauren was just 19 when she was accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake This was just the beginning of her corporeal existence. 10 more reincarnations followed over the next few centuries. Some she is able to recall in great detail as if it only happened last Tuesday. Others are more elusive. Every now and then she'll be sifting through nik naks at an antique fair or thumbing the pages of a novel in a used book shop and a strange sensation, not unlike deja vu, will vibrate throughout her veins and a part memory will come back. What ever she is holding when this happens she will buy to keep as a link to one of her former lives. Her most recent form began in the late eighties and had been her most boring to date. That was until a couple of weeks ago when she was looking at a first edition copy of Wuthering Heights on a Market in London when a small card fell to the floor. On it was a number and the word "Serendipity." Feeling curious she rang the number and as if by magic a bus appeared out of nowhere beside the Telephone box she was calling from. The door opened and in a split second Lauren did what any sane person would do when being faced with a strange, magical, seemingly telepathic bus. She got on......
Suggested model : Marion Cotillard
{{The Tightrope Walker}}
Age: 22
Birthday: June 16
From: Somewhere between the Midwest and the South.
Style: Eclectic, a balance between classic and quirky, and of dark and light.
Icon: The Doctor, Lucille Ball, Anya Jenkins, Chuck Palahniuk
Likes: reading, wrestling (watching, not doing), music, wild flowers, pears, sweets, cleaning, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, history, animals, the smell of men, goose bumps, design, capes, blankets, occasionally speaking with a Russian accent
Dislikes: small talk, cooking, repetitive noises, obnoxiously loud people, folding laundry, hats
Background: Born on the edge of the wilderness and raised by her wild parents and civilized grandparents. Her childhood was a constant push and pull between the stability her grandparents offered her, and the absolute freedom her parents unintentionally gave. Unfortunately, she could never decided which side she preferred best. And because of this, Ash constantly walks a fine line between needing absolute control and losing it altogether. When she became of age and grew tired of constant tugging in different directions, she took off on her own. She wandered aimlessly, occasionally making a friend or speaking with people she thought she once knew, in a past life she wasn't even sure she had. She learned to play many different instruments. Although she's not very good at any of them, she likes to pretend that she is. Traveling from one extraordinary place to the next became her only constant. Walking on the Great Wall, riding on the Trans-Siberian Railway, paying a visit to Dracula's castle, exploring the Valley of the Kings, and many other places. Until one very late night or very early morning, depending on your perspective, she was passing through Cardiff when she was almost run over by a bus. When it came to a screeching halt a girl stuck her head out the window and told Ash to get in. She stood still for a moment, then very calmly asked if the bus was bigger on the inside. The girl said yes, and Ash didn't think twice before she hopped on. Once inside she realized it was the most extraordinary place she'd seen yet and couldn't wait for where the bus and the other girls would lead her next.
Suggested Model :: Lana Del Rey
{{ The Performer }}
Age: 21
Birthday: July 14
From: Woodstock and Broadway
style: Thrift store gypsy grunge, 1920's counterculture, and overly flamboyant menswear.
Icon: Janis Joplin, Buddy Holly, Sally Bowles, Fanny Brice, Shakespeare, and Mark Cohen.
Likes: Dimly Lit stages, breaking the gender binary, long forgotten poems, mud fights, green rooms, scotch, The Moulin Rouge, Don Hill's, worn out scripts, and tattoos with meaning.
Dislikes: rap music, the tea party, the Berlin Wall, existentialists, groupies, and snow.
Bacgkround: Jude is from many places, and he's not quite sure exactly what order they occurred. He does know he was one of the infamous Woodstock babies, born in a field of music, mud, and madness. From there the past gets hazy. At some point he was a backup Dancer at the kit Kat Club and had a brief affair with the MC. And somewhere between between being a Ziegfeld boy and performing at the Globe, he had a brief stint as a bartender at the Moulin Rouge. The thing that really sticks out about Hannah though is that she is a shape shifter of sorts. Jude is he randomly changes from male to female( helpful in some cases, problematic in other). Don't worry about offending Jude though, he'll happily tell you his current gender if you just ask. Jude also is in posesion of Marry Poppins magic bag, though nobody is quite sure how he got it. Jude is rather new to the bus, and found the girls when they were stagedooring at a production of Antony and Cleopatra( he was Antony). Since joining the bus everything has been looking up,and he is constantly grateful to have found such amazing friends.
Suggested Model: Casey Legler

{{The Lost Girl}}
Age - 19
Birthday – November 11th
From – Baltimore, Maryland / Neverland.
Style- Little girl with a touch of the dark; Vintage everything; Cardigans and round collared dresses; old man sweaters and torn tights; mary-janes and combat boots; rockabilly lolita.
Icon - Disney princesses, Sailor Moon, Wednesday Addams, Joan Of Arc.
Likes – books, fairytales, chocolate milk, gingers, cartoons, history, tacky jewelry, animals, pretty boys, videogames, feminism, circuses, baking, mythology.
Dislikes – Bad grammar, rudeness, humidity, sexists, homophobes, bigots.
Background – Allee doesn't remember exactly how she ended up in Neverland, but she knows that she spent what felt like years there. She can vaguely recalls fighting pirates with Peter and the Lost Boys, the sound of mermaids singing, dancing with Indians by a bonfire. She would still be there to this day, she thinks, if she hadn't flown to high and gotten thrown back to Earth. She woke up face-first in her backyard in Maryland, her mouth full of grass and her head killing her. As she collected her wits, she heard her mother calling her for dinner. She had spent what felt like a lifetime in Neverland, and not even a day had passed back on Earth. The only proof that her adventures were real was the strange creature sitting beside her, which she later learned was a Neverland versipellis - a shapeshifting creature who can transform itself into any animal. She named her Holiday. Allee is now 19 and (even though she still gets mistaken for 12 on a daily basis, something about the Neverland magic has slowed down her aging process) has left home for the first time, and is on the search for magic like the kind she remembers from her childhood. With Holiday at her side, the two of them began to travel the world. One fateful day an unusual bus pulled up beside her, and a group of girls peeped out their heads. They offered to take Allee as far as she wanted to go, and the rest is history. Allee is constantly being amazing by the Big Bad Bus and tries to do her part to help the girls out. She is a master of cracking riddles and anything to do with literature, and brought with her a massive collection of books. She has a big sweet tooth and an endless supply of chocolate that she shares. Animals also seem to love her, and she likes to consider herself Snow White reincarnate.
Suggested Model :: Lily Collins

**Feel free to use any of the girls in your stories, or even to write stories for them. It's free reign. Anything goes. It doesn't have to make any sense whatsoever. Actually, it's much more fun if it doesn't make sense.**
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Have fun.

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