11/17/2011 - CLUB DAY! Positions for clubs will be open as well as Quidditch try-outs! If you want a position youre gonna have to work hard and show what you got.


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I caught my breathe as I landed along with the other Exuro students trying out for 'Beaters'. The exercise had overall gone well, minus two first years getting knocked out, but they were on their way to the infirmary.

“Well done, positions will be posted in the common room next week.” Raulyn stated calling up the next round.

I spotted Emily waiting excitedly for the 'Seeker' round of try-outs. I shot her a wink and a thumbs up as I headed to the locker room. After changing I decided to stop by the club fair. The main hall was buzzing with students going around trying to find a club that suited them. I knew exactly what I was searching for and soon found it. 

The 'Duel Club' table was fairly crowded but I managed to get my name down on the election ballad. Even if I did not get a position being a member would be fun.

I decided to grab a quick bite to eat, maybe get it to go and watch the rest of the quidditch try-outs. I grabbed a box and filled it with some sandwiches and sweets. I got ready to leave when I overheard some younger students talking.

“Yeah her broom just froze over....” one said...”Yeah Emily Timber I think her name is. She's over there at that table”

I suddenly looked up and saw Emily sitting alone. It definitely looked like she had just gone through a bit of a scuff. 

"Milly! Milly! I heard what happened, are you okay?" I hurried over to her.
"Awe, Art, I'm fine" She smiled up at me.
"What happened? I just heard from a aqueous girl that you fell off your broom?" I asked.
"Well, I did fall.. but it wasn't my fault.." Emily scowled
"What do you mean?" I was intrigued.
Suddenly Nevelyn and her entourage seem to appear from now where.
"Oh my gosh, are you okay?" Nevelyn smirked, "You should be more careful with your flying next time, Emily." She narrowed her eyes. 
"You b*tch! Don't ever tamper with my broom again or else you'll be sorry!" Milly stood up, I nearly thought she was going to take a swing at her. 
Nevelyn faked an innocent look, "What.. moi? I would never do such a thing." She then giggled as she walked away, her cronies following behind her.
Emily sighed. I simply looked back and forth between the retreating figures and Emily. What was Nevelyn's issue really I felt bad knowing she had targeted Emily just to jab at me. 
"What was that about?!" I feigned. 
"They made my broom completely ice over right as I was about to catch the snitch!" Emily grimaced. 
"Oh damn.." I replied, sitting down
"I can't stand them... I just want to punch Neve in the face." Milly snarled as she clenched her fists again.
"Forget them, they'll get whats coming to them" Art replied in a soothing voice. Milly could feel her anger melt away. She looked up at Art with one eyebrow raised.

I could see Nevelyn just a few yards away talking to a cute younger Glacias boy, her back facing me.

“Diffindo.” I whispered, suddenly the back of Nevelyn's skirt ripped revealing her lace panties. Let's see how long it takes for her to notice that. 
"Sorry, I just couldn't resist practicing this new charm I learned.." I smiled. Emily laughed patting me on the shoulder. 


Quidditch Position: Beater
Club Officer: Any open position in the Duel Club (if none she'll just be a member)
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