almost is never enough/ariana grande

i've never even listened to this song i just like the lyrics tbh.

so today i got in the head with the volleyball in pe for like the 50043571 time this month. and then in english i had to be wheelchaired out of the bathroom because my stomach hurt so bad i couldn't stand up cx IT WAS SO EMBARESSING. so i hope your monday was not as eventful as mine cx but yeah i hope it was the best monday ever, i know mondays kinda suck but hey at least you woke up this morning and got to experience a new day!

yeah this set is like weird ik sorry about that. i didn't feel like making a real set xD

i'll be on mobile if you guys need anything. but i'm also gonna be laying in my bed, so yahhknow i might fallasleepoops. 

i love you guys lots. sleep tight/have a great day.

"don't question your self worth, just remember you are priceless."


Isaiah 47:4 
Our Redeemer--the LORD Almighty is his name-- is the Holy One of Israel.


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