Aurora Urbani; 21
"Better to do the fucking than get fucked" 
Model: Esti Ginzburg
Occupation: Co-owns the bar at the hotel with Lynn
Biography: Aurora is more than a little messed up. Your first impression may be that she's sweet, nice, even innocent, but that's far from the truth. Sure, this beauty has a sweet side but she's also lethal. She goes through boys almost as fast as she goes through her alcohol, not bothering to ever slow down. Blame her drinking and commitment issues on whoever and whatever you want but the real reason is probably Aurora's dad. That's right, Aurora is just another pretty face with daddy issues. The only difference? This girl keeps completely mum about her past. No one's quite sure what daddy dearest did that was so terrible that now Aurora is scared to even get in a serious relationship but it's about time this girl spills.
Relationship status: Single
I sighed, walking up behind Lynn, "Kill me."
She glanced at me, "Something wrong?"
"My sister seriously won't stop with these guys. She just texted me saying that she talked to her mailman and he'd love to meet me. Her fucking mailman!! She's ridiculous."
Lynn laughed, "Why don't you just tell her that you don't want to be set up?"
I looked at her like she was crazy, "You've met Cassie. She'd never listen. She just wants me to be married and have the exact same white picket fence kind of life she has."
"Which isn't you, at all. She should know that by now."
"You should also know Cassie isn't that observant," I finished off my cosmo.
"Are you drinking Rory?"
I glanced at her, "Yeah..."
"It's two in the afternoon!"
I shrugged, "Well it's five somewhere."
"You're ridiculous," She shook her head.
"And you love me because of it," I smirked.
I set down my glass and walked around the counter.
"Where are you going?"
"I met a guy here a few nights ago, we have a coffee date," I replied simply.
"So you're leaving me alone at work to go on a date?"
"Like you wouldn't do the same."
I cut her off, "I should go."
"Is the guy at least cute?"
"I...don't remember to be honest. I got a text this morning saying that i had promised him a date."
"Then why are you even going??" She questioned.
"Lynn, it's been a week since i've had a decent fuck. I'm dying here."
"You sound like Jay," She snorted.
I smirked, "I'll talk to you later."
"You better. I want to know how this whole thing works out."
I nodded, "I will....unless i'm still busy later of course."
"Oh god, just go." 
I laughed, "Love you Linnie!"
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