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"I can't do this," I whispered to John as he knocked on Nel's huge, brown door. 

"Yes you can." He replied calmly looking deep into my eyes.

I squeezed his hand a little tighter as we waited for an answer to the door. It'd been very emotional and stressful the past few days and I was just about clinging onto my sanity. The whole packing and travelling back to Eagle Bay, mourning and thinking about Johnny and his family 24/7 and riding my hormonal rollercoaster - I was pretty caught up.

The door opened slowly and Nel's head popped through the gap. "Adele, John," She sort of gasped. "How've you both been?" 

"Good," I answered as she hugged us both in turn. "Under the circumstances, of course." I sort of smiled.

Nel nodded in a way that let me know she knew what I meant. "Look at you!" She pointed to my overly huge sized baby bump looking completely shocked.

I placed both hands on it nervously - I always got fidgety when people mentioned the bump. John placed a hand on my back in comfort. "I know right." I exhaled with a little smile; in the corner of my eye I could see John grinning, too. "It should be popping out any day now." 

"I can't believe it, has it seriously been that long?" I nodded, grinning. "Oh, excuse me, come in." Nel gestured we walked through - so we did. 

Walking through the foyer, still hand in hand with John I'd never been so nervous. Being back in Eagle Bay, seeing all the girls who I hadn't seen this over a year ago and so many memories being back in this town was just all too scary; I had to face it, though. For Johnny's sake.

I peeked through into the living room. Standing around was everyone I could remember; Jana, Serena, Aubrey, Easton and even Milla - I quickly jumped back. "John, everyone's in there looking gorgeous and then here I am little miss pregnant - I can't do this." I was breathing heavily now.

"Addie, pregnant or not, to me you're still the most beautiful girl in this building now please, get in that room and talk to the girls you've been waiting to speak to for the past six months." John smiled and tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear.

I couldn't help but smile. "Ugh, okay." I groaned but enveloped my hand in John's and walked in. 

Everyone turned their attention to me and John as we walked in but we ducked our heads down, smiled at a few people on the way and walked over to the drinks table. "God, I need this." I grabbed a glass of champange and went to take a sip before John snatched the glass away.

"Uh, what do you think you're doing?" He cocked a brow.

"Having a drink. Please John, just one?" I whined. "This kids going to be popping out soon anyways - I need this." I tried to snatch it back but John held the glass away from me.

"No. You've done so well and this is nothing to be scared of, Addie! Come on, these girls used to be your best friends and you're completely avoiding them. Now go and talk to them; I'm making you."

I pouted playfully and walked off. Noticing Serena I decieded to talk to her - we did used to be close after all. "Serena?" I tapped her shoulder. 

She turned round, noticed my baby bump and like everyone else - smiled. "Adele? Oh my god, hi! How've you been?"

"Good." I nodded with a smile. "It's crazy, right?" 

"God, I know." She shook her head and sighed. "I can't believe it... I don't think anyone can."

I bit my lip as I thought about how everyone must be feeling right now. It was so upsetting and crazy that Johnny was just gone - I don't think anyone could believe it.

"So, how far along are you?" Serena asked after a few seconds silence.

"I'm due any day now," I grinned.

"Wow, that's so exciting!" She squealed a little.

We both laughed and then Easton walked over. "Hi girls," She looked gorgeous as usual in an outfit probably costing as much as my apartment and a pair of killer heels. "Easton." I hugged her tightly and stepped back, grinning like an idiot.

"Ad! It's seems like forever, how've you been?" She asked flashing a smile and swinging back her hair.

"I've been great. Best of all, me and John have been great." I winked at her and she smirked.

"It was nice chatting with you girls but I'm going to go check on Jared." Serena kissed us both on the cheek's in turn.

"Yeah, I'm going to go and talk to Jana." I inhaled sharply as all three of us went our seperate ways.

John winked at me as I walked over to Jana who was talking to Milla - I could tell he was proud I pushed my shyness aside.

"Hi Jana, I just wanted to offer my condolences. I'm so sorry for you and Coop," We both exhaled, devastated and I pulled her into a hug.

"Thanks, Adele." She corner-smiled although there was still tears in her eyes. 

"I can't believe it." I replied. It seemed like the same things where coming out of everyone's mouths today and by the look of Jana's eyes all over my stomach everyone's eyes where in the same place.

"No one can," She held a hand to her forehead. "It's just crazy."

And that was just it; it was all /too/ crazy. Johnny Mckay - the one and only, dead? Nothing would ever be the same without him and everyone knew that... maybe that's why we where all so devastated. 

Ugh, sucky story! Comment "devastation" if you read?
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