Let it ride ; The new Velvet ft. Caroline Glaser

Listen to it pleasee ? They deserve wayyy more views ♥ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DYDyguYAO4

taggie listt! ♥;
@selenuh pretty darn amazing @matchstickz lovee your sets! @star-7 like your user! @morganwillalwaysloveyou hello! @maclijabar your amazing and funny! ♥ @chiaraisawallflower love this girl right here your sets are amazing! ♥ @arielleisamermaid her sets are perfect ♥ @nerdcorner like your name! ♥ @briannalovesscottymccreery i love him too! @xoxo-amyyy your super cool! ♥
@a-little-blue-kitteh your super nice @emmaluv10869 i would love to talk to you sometime! ♥ @chloeadorable25 you are adorable? @lillyisabanana hello darlin' @georgipotterxoxo your first name isnt that bad! ♥@mez-malik i think im the mrs.malik (; @sisipayne13 WEiRDO BUDDIES FO LIFEE (; LOVEE YA ♥ @sambecker your sets are shamazing and so are you! ♥ @rsander you are soooo cool! ohhh and dont burn your hand on the tea! ♥ @bellarocks00 your EPiC broo♥ @haileyskyhatmaker love you girlayy ♥
@xo-brianna hey gurl franddd♥ @peace12014 love. your.sets. ♥ @glitter-wings pm me please?♥ @wonder-l4nd walking in a winter wonder-l4and ♥
peace love & tacos
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